Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Field of Dreams

Today, I decided it was time to start a blog. I have officially graduated into the class of the technologically up-to-date. Actually, having a blog is probably a bit behind the times now, but I feel like it's overdue, so here it is.

I chose the title of the blog from my favourite film of all time - Field of Dreams. I like that film because it makes me think about believing in things that I feel are impossible to achieve. Every time I watch it, I get little chills down my spine. That's how I also feel about my little slice of heaven in Iowa.

Kelly and I moved here in February of 2008. It started out as a 5.5 acre slice, and has since grown to an 8.52 acre slice. I'm not a religious person, but I do call this my little piece of heaven in Iowa. I call it that because it has brought an amazing sense of peace and calm to my life. I come home from a busy day, knowing that I am going to my own sanctuary. My own peaceful, natural, wonderful home. I never dreamed that I would own a home and land like this, and that's why it reminds me of the film - achieving the impossible.

I now share this sanctuary with Kelly; our rescued greyhound, Stickley; our 7 nubian goats; a plethora of chickens (both standard and bantam); a river otter in our pond; and a constant teeming parade of other wonderful creatures. These include nearly 40 different species of birds that we have identified, voles, deer mice, raccoons, white tailed deer, snapping turtles, frogs, toads, and surely other animals we have yet to see or identify.

This blog is for friends and family to keep up with our adventures, to learn of our successes and failures, and to share with them our dreams, our constant projects, and our furred and feathered companions.

Today's special moment was the hatching of a new chick - its name is Praline. It hatched this afternoon and is a variety called an "Easter Egger" chicken. They lay blue-green eggs, thus the name. Praline is one of 6 chicks hatched in the past few days. The other chicks are two more Easter Egger chicks, an Old English Game bantam (its parents are fawn silver duckwing colour), a silkie, and a mille fleur. Their names are, respectively, Shortbread, Butternut, Biscotti, Wafer, and Nilla.

So welcome to Praline, and welcome to friends, family, and fellow internet readers who decide to visit our blog. I can't guarantee daily posts, but I'll try to keep up with our busy lives and keep everyone informed of events and adventures, large and small.


Sarah Elaine said...

Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere, dear friend! I love your blog. Great descriptions and photos, too. And the names of your animals are priceless, too!

I will look forward to coming back often to visit!!

A-GALLEGO said...

Hmmm... whatta cute pet!!!
Oopps...jzt passing by =)

Claire said...

Thanx Sarah & A-Gallego! Can't wait till these chickens grow up and start making me breakfast!