Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Plethora of Bulbs

For some of you who know me well, this revelation will be oh-so-hard to believe. But it's the truth. Sometimes....I just can't make up my mind. When I have trouble making up my mind, and I just don't have the time or ability to sort it all out, I don't decide between A, B, C, etc....I just decide on all of A, B, C, etc.. That way I'm not disappointed in my decision. Sometimes, I get myself in a wee spot of trouble because of this little personality quirk. Not bad trouble, just "Oh dear, what have I done?" sort of trouble. And usually, the result is that I have not allocated sufficient time to deal with the results of whatever I have done.

Anyway, my most recent foray into this little ummmm... affliction of mine, was in the purchasing of bulbs. I had a number of fall bulb catalogues arrive, bursting with big glossy pictures of beautiful flowers and dazzling colours and spectacular garden vistas. My eyes probably got a bit glassy and dreamy as I tenderly flipped each page, taking in sharp breaths now and then with the excitement of it all. Some women get all drippy about Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Not me. I get all silly about bulbs.

So, having made all my orders some time ago, my bulbs have finally arrived. And I have just 4 words about this whole situation. WHAT WAS I THINKING???!!!

Dear readers - if any of you should want a sudden getaway to Iowa, a quick weekend of fun and adventure, a get-your-hands-dirty kind of experience, please, PLEASE come to visit me, and help me plant my bulbs. I need an army of helpers. Kelly and I are going to have sore wrists for days.

But here, in all its glory, is my list of bulbs that are presently sitting on the floor of the study in nicely organized piles. This doesn't count the bulbs that I will be receiving as part of a swap through a garden group in which I participate. But that will be minor, in comparison to this.... (I've added links for many so you can link to a picture of the flowers if you're interested!)

Allium unifolium - 20 bulbs
Allium "Gladiator" - 6 bulbs
Allium mixed species - 100 bulbs
Allium schubertii - 15 bulbs
Allium pulchellum - 10 bulbs
Allium karataviense "ivory queen" - 10 bulbs
Allium karataviense - white shaded with rose or violet mix - 50 bulbs
Allium azureum - 120 bulbs
Allium nectaroscordum - 10 bulbs
Allium cowanii - 20 bulbs
Allium sphaerocephalon - 120 bulbs
Allium ostrowskianum - 20 bulbs
Allium "Mont Blanc" - 4 bulbs
Allium roseum - 20 bulbs

Note - Alliums are in the onion family and produce spherical shaped flower structures in spring through summer. One fabulous feature - they are hated by deer and rabbits, and tend to keep those critters away from your other plants.

Calla aethiopica - 4 bulbs
Calla "Green Goddess" - 4 bulbs

Tulip "Gavota" - 6 bulbs

Narcissus "Yellow hoop petticoat" - 10 bulbsNarcissus "White medal" - 10 bulbs
Narcissus thalia - 10 bulbs
Narcissus sagitta - 10 bulbs
Narcissus delnashaugh - 10 bulbs
Narcissus "Tete-a-tete" - 10 bulbs
Narcissus "Replete" - 10 bulbs
Narcissus "Rip van Winkle" - 6 bulbs
Narcissus "Spring Cheer" - 5 bulbs

Crocus tommasinianus - lilac and white mixture - 100 bulbs
Crocus tommasinianus "Lilac beauty" - 100 bulbs
Crocus tommasinianus "Roseus" - 100 bulbs
Crocus tommasinianus "Ruby Giant" - 100 bulbs
Crocus tommasinianus "Barr's Purple" - 100 bulb
Hyacinth "Blue grape" - 16 bulbs
Hyacinth "Woodstock" - 5 bulbs

"Checkered lilies" (I think these are fritillaries) - 25 bulbs
Landini Lily - 3 bulbs

Anemone blanda mix - 80 bulbs
Anemone poppy mix - 10 bulbs

Gladiolus byzantinus - 15 bulbs

Oh dear. My wrists hurt already. But my spring garden will be breathtaking. It is worth the effort.


Sarah Elaine said...

Whoa, that's a lot of bulbs.

I think you with a bulb catalogue is like me in a running store. Mmm... running shoes. I only have about 15 pairs or so. Sadly, I don't garden in any of them. Good luck with the bulbs.

Claire said...

Yes...well...good thing you don't see me on Might be even worse than a bulb catalogue!

Wish you were closer to help me plant, and then you could teach me how to run.

henbogle said...

Holy cow! Your garden will be beautiful. But wow, I am exhausted just thinking about it!