Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've Been Squashed

So much to blog about, so little time....I have been extraordinarily busy lately and can't seem to catch up with myself. Leaves me with very little blogging time, but here's a quick one.

We recently harvested all the squash and pumpkins from the garden, before allowing the sheep to go grazing in there. I adore squash - it's such a wonderful comfort food for me. I can eat just squash for supper, and I slather it with butter and cinnamon, feeling that the butter is OK because it's just squash. Sometimes I put a touch of maple syrup on it.

The garden was a bit of a disaster this year - not enough time to tend it, coupled with a fairly cool Iowa summer, led to a lack of growth and thriving! However, I didn't realize the squash had done quite as well as they did. Many were covered up underneath weeds and other plants and I didn't realize they were there.
The small yellow balls are actually vegetable spaghetti, which is a squash that can be separated into long, spaghetti-like strands when cooked. It's a great pasta substitute. There are acorn squash (the green ribbed ones), butternut squash (the long beige ones) and delicata (the cream and green striped ones). There are also a few pumpkins, some still green, and a few other squash whose labels faded and whose names I forget.

In any event, one thing I can tell you for sure - I'll be eating squash a lot in the coming months! Kelly doesn't like squash, so these are alllll mine! Yay!!


Michelle said...

I, too, love winter squash - the sweeter (naturally) the better! I only got a few small ones this year, so feel free to roll some of those over to Oregon!

Lola Nova said...

Yum! I love to make a good squash bread as well. They all look so pretty and interesting.
I have been loving all the yarn you have been spinning so wonderful!

I know life is crazy busy right now but, do try to take care of yourself too (at least a deep breath every couple of hours).

I am anxiously awaiting our first egg but, the girls are not cooperating.
Oh, and I opened my etsy store finally!

Mom L said...

Wow - what a colorful harvest!!! I'm glad they're all yours - I have yet to join the squash fan club. However, I do love those little yellow crook-necked squash, especially in a casserole or steamed with onions, potatoes and broccoli. I've never really known what to do with butternut, so didn't even try it. I know, I should look up some recipes!!!


kestrel said...

The different colours of the squash (is there a plural call squashes!!??) are amazing. We just call them pumpkins and i wonder if there is a difference. We get only a few varieties here and i have grown my own (Japanese variety) but not up to your standards. Mine grows on the fence.

Flartus said...

I'll have to show Miss Chef your collection; she might start drooling! She's got a thing for butternut squash. I'm with Kelly; not a big fan. Except in pie form, lol!

Ishtar said...

Lovely-looking squash and what variety!

Holly said...

We love squash but only had room to grow buttercup, my favorite. It's sweet and I often use it instead of pumpkin in a pie. Will your husband eat squash if it is disguised in quick breads and rolls? Otherwise all the more for you to enjoy.

Apifera Farm said...

We eat a lot of cubed squash in tofu, with curry sauce. Yum. Just had squash soup with homemade bread the other nite. Double yum.