Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun silly questions at lunchtime

It's my lunch hour and I'm not actually taking an hour - more like 10 minutes, but I read Isobelle the Beautiful Goat's question post and thought it looked like fun, so I'm doing it too.  Here we go!!

1. Where is your cell phone? at home, being charged, for the first time in weeks.  I never use the silly thing.
2. Favorite type of pickle? gherkins
3. Your mother? The best you can imagine.
4. Your father? Also the best you can imagine.
5. Your worst fear? Flying.  Oh, and failing at things.  And being deathly ill.
6. Do You Have Any Siblings? No
7. Favorite drink? Depends on the occasion.  Vanilla Latte, pink grapefruit juice, Riesling, but not all at once.
8. Goal?  Many.  Possibly too many.
9. Favorite type of nut? Pecans.
10. Hobbies?  Sheep, goats, spinning, felting, gardening, knitting...etc.
11. Dreams? I rarely remember them and usually they're about work.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Wherever I'm happy.
13. Favorite type of apple? Granny Smith or Pink Lady.  Tart and crisp.

14. Attended a High-School Reunion? No
15. From the bakery? Almond tarts.
16. Pizza crust? thin
17. Favorite color? green
18. Do you volunteer? Not much right now, no time with school and work and farm, but when school is finished, probably with Heartland Greyhound Adoption again.
19. Cellphone carrier? Verizon
20. Favorite ice cream flavor? Coconut sesame brittle (Haagen dasz)
21. Pets? 1 greyhound, 8 goats, 2 mini donkeys, 5 llamas, 14 sheep, lots of chickens and ducks, 4 angora rabbits.
22. Did you get a flu shot? no
23. Favorite bread? Chewy and dense with a crisp crust.
24. Favorite scent? Lavender (real, not fake lavender scent)
25. Favorite word? viticulture.  I just like how it sounds.
26. Your best friend? My stuffed kangaroo, Lurvig.
27. Where did you grow up? Halifax, Nova Scotia
28. Wish list item? a larger acreage with a larger barn and more fencing.
29. Have you ever received a bailout from the federal gov't? Nope It would be nice though!
30. Which mayonnaise? Baconnaise
31. Year of your vehicle? 2002
32. Are you a card player? Solitaire on the computer, occasionally.
33. Favorite magazine? Fine Gardening, Fine Cooking, The Atlantic, Spin-Off, The English Garden, Interweave Knits, Horticulture, Mother Earth, oh dear...that was more than one wasn't it...
34. Favorite dessert? One my mother makes with thin layers of meringue interlaid with a mocha sort of buttercream frosting stuff and it has almonds in it.  Oooooh it's deeeelish!!
35. Favorite store? Ikea.  But we don't have one here.  :-(

Right, back to work!


Lola Nova said...

Every time I see or hear "Halifax" I think of Anne of Green Gables. I have secretly wanted to visit Nova Scotia since I was a kid. and mayonnaise? No thank you!

Have a great day!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

on my wishlist - some of your mother's dessert

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I want to see a photograph of Lurvig!!! And psssst! When is Valentino going to be in my PlayGoat magazine! weee hee hee

Flartus said...

Um, excuse me, where's the RECIPE??? sheesh!

I'm thinking of doing this post myself...are you supposed to try to answer with one word? Or is that a different one?

I thought of you at our Renaissance Festival this weekend; saw some hand-woven skeins, but didn't get a chance to check 'em out.