Sunday, October 3, 2010

Am I an "A" or a "B" or a "C" pygora?

Well naturally, I'm an "A" in most everything, because I am Lucky Nickel, goat extraordinaire!  To be honest, I'm pretty much an A+ in everything.  Or even multiple plus signs!  But my lady Claire said that today we are talking about my fibre.  She also said that some people spell it fiber, especially people where we live now, and other people spell it fibre, like in Canada where she used to live, and other countries.  So I am going to spell it fybur, because that is the goat spelling, and I thought you should know.

I am a special goat because I am a pygora.  I thought before that my lady was all confused with these really scary jungle snakes that can crush you, but they are  Yes, that is it, and they are entirely different.  This is a pythagorum picture that my lady found for me online and you can see the photo credit for it in the lower right corner.  She didn't take it herself.

Anyway, pygora goats have one parent who is an angora goat, and one parent who is a pygmy goat.  In my case, my Dad is the angora (his name is Valentino) and my mom, Puffin, was the pygmy, but she died when she had me and that's why Claire is sort of my mom.  See the resemblance?  I am giving her goat kisses.
Pygora goats can have one of three types of fybur - either type A, type B or type C.  Clearly a goat did not choose these designations because they are meaningless and silly.  Now I have to explain to you what each type is because they are nothing to do with letters.  You humans really are quite inefficient.  You are also not good at cleaning your ears, so I have to clean my lady's ear for her, like this.
Type A fybur is most like pure angora goat.  It is up to 6 inches long and it hangs in curly locks.  It is a fine mohair fybur.

Type B fybur is a blend of the pygmy undercoat and the angora mohair.  It is between 3 and 6 inches long and is also curly.  It can be shiny or matte finish and is the most common fleece type.

Type C fybur is a very fine fybur with no luster and 1 to 3 inches long.  It looks coarse in comparison to fybur that is type A or B.

The problem is, my lady isn't quite sure which one I am.  She looked at my fybur today and she says I am getting a LOT more than I had before.  She says I'm getting a thick undercoat.  Here are some pictures of my fybur.  I don't think I am a C.  I think I am a B.
I guess I am getting the undercoat because it's getting cooler outside.  We looked at Horton too.  He is my half brother.  He was born 2 weeks ahead of me and she says his fybur is getting a little bit of a curly look on the tips.  All summer he was smooth, just like me.  Now we are both getting fluffy.  Here is Horton:
...and here is me....
We both look fluffy but his tips are more curly, but like I said, he is 2 weeks older.

Misky and Larke are my half sisters and they come from my dad, but their mom is a mini Nubian.  They are not getting any fluffy bits.  You can see them in the background, with Lotus and her son Horton in the front.  That is their mom, Coffee, to the left - she is mostly black.  They are both white.  Opal is hiding behind Coffee.
So my lady said we would ask the "blogosphere" if they can help us decide what I am.  She says maybe we don't know yet because maybe my fleece will get curly as it gets longer.  I already know but I'm not telling her because it is more fun that way, don't you think?  I think she likes mysteries.  But she loves goat kisses...see?
Goatie kisses to everybody, and please tell my lady if I am A, B, or C.  Thank you!


Louise said...

I have no idea if your fibur is A, B or C. But, I do know that you are one of the cutest goats I know. I can see why your Mother likes your goat kisses.

Millie said...

I certainly know you are not a milk goat, but I don't know about fybur. I think it's a good thing you educate humans on how silly they are.

Texan said...

Well I don't know what type fur you have... but I know you are cuteness!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Gee Lucky Nickel... I think I'm going to read more so that I can be as smart as you! I didn't know about fybur. I see that you are much whiter and more sparkly than Horton...tee hee... You are also very, very pretty.

Paige Madison said...

Lucky, I don't if you're an A, B, or C either but you and Claire are so cute together. She is such a great mom! Take care of her!

Mom L said...

Oooh, Lucky Nickel, from the look on your mom's face I would say your goat kisses tickle!!! You have beautiful fur. I know nothing about goats, but I know about my cat's fur, so I'll call yours fur if you don't mind. It looks soft and silky - I'm sure it's an A+++.

Nancy (goatless) in Iowa

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Don't know anything about fybur goats, although you are very cute, I have little dairy goats. Did Claire's brontosaurus clear up? I've had brontosaurus and it's not fun.

Spinners End said...

Oh my Lucky Nickel! Your coat looks oh so very wonder your mistress spends so much time with you (apart from your stunning personality and your literary skills that is). I have consulted the T's and they feel that you are either a type B or a type C. You have an abundance of shorter matte fluff which resembles fine cashmere! I suspect if your overcoat/guard hairs grow out and are more wavy and long then you will be a type B. The T's and I will be so very interested to find out at, ahem, shearing time what your fleece looks like! You may need to close your eyes if your lady looks at our blog later in the day...there will be a post about pygora shearing.

Jennifer said...

I don't know, but you are very cute. Loved the pictures!