Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Cross-Country Adventures with Lucky Nickel

Well, it's been a goat's age since I was able to post anything.  My lady has been so busy with this moving business, it's really quite complicated.  I'm glad I didn't have to plan it.  Over 5 days, we traveled through 9 states and 2 Canadian provinces!  I am an extremely well traveled goat - probably one of the most experienced in this area, anyway.

We started out in Iowa, of course.  It was the only state I had ever known, because it's where I was born.  This was our last Iowa sunset.  It made my lady cry.
I really wasn't to sure about this whole driving thing.  I mean, I like being in the car - in fact, I like jumping on top of the car when my lady leaves the sun roof open, and then I get inside and practice driving and popping my head out the window to stick my tongue out at bad drivers.  This time, I had to be in a crate!  I usually get to run around inside the back of the car, but my lady said it was for my own safety.  This meant I could not lay my head on my lady's shoulder while she is driving, which I really like to do.
This is me in my crate.  It makes it very difficult for me to keep proper control of things going on around me.  How am I supposed to supervise from here?!
Here was the truck we took, with all the things in it that my lady owns.  Actually, she got rid of a lot of stuff before we left, but you would never know it.  We even needed an extra trailer!
My lady says goodbye to Iowa.  You can't tell but she had been crying because she was sad to be leaving so many friends and good times behind, and she loved her farm, but she has new adventures to go to.  Saying goodbye is always difficult for humans.  I was just excited about it.  Goats don't cry.
It wasn't just me in the car!  We took 10 chickens with us to our friends Bev and her goat Isobelle.  My lady determined that taking the chickens over the border was very complicated because of something called a "core of teens" and my lady doesn't really like teenagers very much.  She said the chickens would have had to be with the "core of teens" for 30 days, in a small room, so that they didn't give diseases to anybody.  I don't know what the teenagers have to do to stop chickens from giving diseases.  These government regulations are very strange.  I really don't understand this business at all, but my lady said it was a "pain in the bum" except she didn't say bum, because she was mad about it.  So, we had 10 chickens with us and they laid eggs on the way to New York.
Our first state after Iowa was Ill-a-noy.  Don't worry, we didn't get ill there. Chick-ago is a big city there, which my lady has visited before, but we didn't go there.  We just kept driving.  It was night time, so we didn't see much there.  We stayed overnight in Ill-a-noy just after we passed Chick-ago because we only left Iowa at around 3:30 pm.  My lady took me for night-time walks around the hotel that she stayed in, and I got to taste new shrubs!

The next morning, we got on the road again.   after Ill-a-noy came Indy-Anna! 
Indy was in a whole bunch of movies in which he wore a hat and looked for treasures and traveled to interesting places.  I don't know who Anna was.  Anyway, we didn't find Indy or Anna there.  It was fairly quick driving through that state.

After Indy-Anna, we went to Oh! Hi-o!  
The people there must always be surprised to see you, so they say Oh!  Hi-o! when they meet you.  Everywhere else, people say the short form which is just "hi" but not in Oh!  Hi-o!  We stopped at a rest stop there where I talked to lots of people, but that was in my last post so I won't talk about that again. 

I forgot to say that Izzy the cat came with us.  She was with the male unit, in the truck.  The male unit is my lady's friend.  Sometimes he took me for walks too!  I quite like him.  Here is the male unit with the cat in the truck.  He smiles a lot.  

After Oh! Hi-o! we visited Pencil-Vanilla.  I didn't get to eat any pencils there, so I don't know if they taste like vanilla or not.  It was a very long state to drive through.  Sometimes the roads were very bumpy.  We visited a rest stop there, and there were some very unusual chickens at the rest stop on a bench.  My lady took a picture of them for me.  I wanted to remember those funny looking chickens.  We don't usually see these in Iowa.
Our next state was New York!  I was very excited to be there because of meeting Isobelle and her lady, Bev.  But I'll have to write about that later because I'm a tired goat and I need my beauty sleep.    Stay tuned for my next adventure posting soon!


Pricilla said...

Pencil-Vanilla has some of the worse roads in the country. Especially the turnpike. It has been under construction since it was built.

I am glad you had such a nice trip. I think I should go on a trip.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hi Lucky Nickel! What an adventure! I agree that it would have been much nicer for you to ride with your head on your lady's shoulder. Then she wouldn't have needed that pesky GPS that tried to send her up an abandoned town road in my lady's village! I would have liked to have seen Oh! Hi! Oh! What fun. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your adventures. I heard that you kissed a cute border guard. woo woo!

Flartus said...

Oh, Lucky Nickel, you went through my home state! I grew up in Oh! Hi-o! We usually just say "hi," except for formal occasions. ;)

So I'm guessing the chickens were nervous about their road trip, and had the...eggs scared right out of 'em, eh?

Looking forward to the rest of your travelogue.

Millie said...

You certainly have traveled all over. I'm much more of a homebody. I don't think I'd want to leave my pasture. I hope you have a beautiful big pasture in your new home!

Mom L said...

Good job, Lucky Nickel! The first part of your trip sounds like a backwards version of my coming home to Onawa last Fall. The last part of my trip started in Pencil-Vanilla, where my older sister lives. I got lost getting there, but I thought of you when I headed home so I did OK then. I was sick when I left, which made me mad because I would have loved to meet you and your lady when I got close to Des Moines, but I had to go home and rest!

Nancy in Iowa

Brenda said...

Sounds like you're having quite an adventure .... seeing lots of new places. I hope you're new home is wonderful.

Marigold said...

Oooo! What a lucky goat you are to be seeing so many things. About those teen agers and the chickens. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the teen agers giving the disease to the chickens so they would refuse to do anything at all productive like lay eggs. Although I can't imagine it would take 30 days to do that.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

Wow, you are one well traveled goat! I hope you and your lady enjoy your new home! I love the supervision from the crate!

Marigold said...

Oh, I forgot. 'goats years'. Good for you! I caught that. :)

My Life Under the Bus said...

You are a very well travelled goat! If you want to be in the know you should say New Yauck people will think your a native!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh, Lucky Nickle I am loving catching up on your adventures.
And I am really loving that pic of your head on your Maa's shoulder.

You are a lucky goat, indeed!


Texan said...

Lucky Nickel,you are a better traveler than I am! I usually say "are we getting close" about a million times or how soon will we be there... tee hee... sounds like your doing really well on your trip!