Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mainely Maine, and then Can of Duck

Ok, finally, my lady is letting me finish the journey blog, because there are lots of other blogs she needs to do (so she says, although I don't see how anyone could possibly be interested in her stuff because my stuff is infinitely more amusing).  In fact, this last bit occurred on April 12, but she has been so ridiculously busy since arriving in Can of Duck that I am only getting to do this now.  Anyway, last I wrote to you, we had just entered our 9th of 9 states on our journey, which was our last state, and which was Maine.  I don't know where the "e" comes from but that's how my lady said they spell it.  Why isn't it just Main?  Maybe they thought that would be too short.  I think my name would be pretty silly if I was Luckye Nickele.

I liked it there because there are a lot of yummy pine trees.  I think that's why they call it vacationland, because you can go on a vacation there to eat the pine trees, since they have so many.  In fact, my lady began to complain about the scenery a wee bit, because she said it was getting boring...all those trees.  She was just anxious to be back in Can of Duck Canada and was tired after 4 days of driving.

Due to the boredom of my lady, and her friendly helper man, there were a couple of rest stops in Maine.  Her man was feeling a bit stiff and sore after driving that U-Haul all that long way from Iowa, so he tried doing the exercises in the rest stop area.  I thought he looked like a donkey rubbing its bum on the fence, except there was no fence.  Don't tell him I said that. I'm supposed to be nice to him.
We kept on driving, and while in Maine, we got to see very pretty views of Mount Katahdin.  My lady couldn't get good pictures because she was driving and couldn't look at what her cell phone was pointed at.  This is the best one, and the mountain is hidden behind the trees.  I wanted to climb the mountain because that is what goats do, but she said not this time.  You might like to know that Katahdin sheep are named after it though - they were developed by a man from Maine who imported wool-less sheep from the Caribbean.  I'm not sure why there aren't any Katahdin goats.  Anybody knows goats are better than sheep.
On the day of our border crossing, we stayed at a hotel called the "White House" and my lady had a discussion with her favorite President before we got on the road.  She was quite excited to have her picture taken with him.  He didn't say much though!
When we finally got to the border between the USA and Can-of-Duck, that is when I really showed my skills.  My lady had to get a lot of stuff she called "paperwork" completed before she could take me across the border.  I think I could have just walked across and nobody would have noticed, but because I was in her car, I had to have "paperwork" with me.  One day soon, my lady will write a post about how to take a goat or sheep across the border.  It might help somebody else.

My personal feeling is that you just have to be your charming self, and try to eat the paperwork, because it makes the inspection vet laugh.  Shows you how important that "paperwork" really is!  The vet wanted to look at the scar I had from when I was spayed, and also looked at my teeth.  I think he was worried that I might bite him, but I have never bitten anybody, at least not intentionally.  It doesn't help with making fans happy when you bite people.  After the border inspection vet and his assistant looked at my paperwork, petted me, laughed at how charming I was, and signed some VIG documents (very important goat), they had their picture taken with me, because of course I am famous.
After this experience, my lady was finally back in her home country, and I saw her wiping away a few little tears.  I'm not sure if she was excited or even more bored with all those pine trees.  Anyway, our first Canadian province was New Buns-Wick.  I was extremely disappointed that there were no buns to eat when we arrived.  I think maybe they put wicks into buns and use them as candles there?  I really have no clue.  Seems like a pretty weird name to me.  I could have done better than that.  For example, New Goatswick would have been a better choice.

Now, all through Maine, and then again in New Buns-Wick, we had to worry about large mice.  My lady showed me the sign.  It looks like this:
As you can see, the mice in this part of the world are very large, with enormous antennae on their head, and they are very tall as well.  If you hit one with your car by mistake, the mouse will win.  It is dreadfully dangerous to hit a mouse while driving.  The mouse is a timid animal and mostly stays in the woods, but in mating season, sometimes the male mouse is seen on the side of the road, snorting and breathing fire.  Well, I heard that from another goat, so it's obviously true.  I didn't see it happen though.

After a lot of pine trees and not a single mouse sighting, we finally managed to drive all the way through New Buns-Wick and we arrived in our final destination province, Nova Squasha, which made my lady cry a lot and she nearly had to pull over because she was all atwitter.  Now, you might be asking yourself, will I be squashed in Nova Squasha?  No, of course not, silly!  It's an ancient Gaelic term meaning goats.  Nova means new.  So "New Goats" is where we are living.  You can take my word for it.  
We drove past the area where my lady is going to have her new home, but right now she can't quite move into it yet.  There have been all sorts of delays with the new farm because the seller is not very well and has been in hospital, and there were some misunderstandings with the lawyers, and it has all made her very frustrated, but we won't dwell on that.  Here is a picture of the area she will be living on her new farm, with me of course, her first and foremost spokesgoat.
It is very pretty, and it has a lot of pine trees.  I shall enjoy eating them.  As you can see, I will not run out of pine trees for a very long time.  For now, though, I am staying at another farm near my lady's parents home, so that my lady can visit me.  It makes my lady very sad that she can't have me there all the time, but she has to be patient, and so do I.  For now, everything my lady owns (except me and the cat) is in one of two enormous storage units.  It's a little bit upsetting for her and she's not in a very writing sort of mood lately, but she'll be alright soon, and you'll get to hear all her boring human news sooner or later.  

In the meantime, you can rest assured that I am a very happy new Canadian goat, and I shall be monitoring the situation here so that you can learn all the news as soon as I can write about it.  Goatie kisses to all my fans in the US, Can of Duck Canada, and anywhere else in the world!  


Marigold said...

Do they have Peanuts there? I don't care how many Pine trees they have. If there are no Peanuts, it just can't be good. Surely they stores in the state of Squash ya', though.

farmer said...

Welcome to Canada!!
Loving your story.
Maybe when you move to your new home you should have a new friend to play with named Jet...

Millie said...

I'm so glad you made it there okay and didn't bite the inspection vet. I know you'll be happy to get to the new farm and start your duties as spokesgoat. I think I should petition to gain the title spokesgoat like you and Pricilla since I'm retired from milking now.

fullfreezer said...

I'm so glad you arrived safely. I'm sure your lady is working very, very hard to get everything settled and will have you with her very soon. I, for one, can't wait to hear of all the adventures you two will have.

Mary of the Prairies said...

Laughed at your "mouse" references, Lucky Nickel. We have these critters in Western Canada too, These mice (or meese perhaps) are to be respected so always greet them politely as "sir" or "madame" accordingly, and give them the right-of-way at all times. Hoping for good news about the new farm soon. Say hello to your lady.

Pricilla said...

I am sorry your arrival in Canada has been so frustrating for your lady. I hope she gets settled soon

IsobelleGoLightly said...

HI LUCKY NICKEL!!! I'd like to live in a place with lots of pine trees! Yummy yum! I've never seen one of those mouses. Our mouses are smaller around here. I'd like to hear of your adventures at the spa. Didn't you open your door and go for a stroll and get some lovely gourmet dog food to eat? Tee hee. I like that picture of you ready to kiss that cute border vet. Flirty Nickel! xoxoxoxoxo

Flartus said...

You seem to be doing a good job keeping your Lady entertained. I hope you have thanked her for arranging such an interesting and educational trip for her--and keeping you safe from giant mice. Maybe you should help her out by charming the lawyers with your border-crossing paperwork eating show. Then you can move into your real home faster!

Tell your Lady to give her parents an extra squeeze, because I know how much she has missed them. I guess it's her turn to help in their garden now, huh?

Nancy K. said...

Oh Lucky Nickle, you have a big job to do! Your lady has changed almost her whole world and even though it is GOOD changes, it is still BIG changes and that can really be hard on a person. We're not quite as tough and strong as you goats! I am so glad that your lady was able to bring you with her to Can-a-duck. Even though it meant a LOT more work for her to have to do ~ her new life will be much better and happier with you there at her side.

If you think those pine trees are nice...Just wait 'till you get to see/try a few grape vines!!!

Texan said...

So glad the border vet signed your VIG papers :O)... I hope they gave you a treat!

Tell your lady I have the ball rolling on the fundraiser. I have posted about it on my blog.

Marigold said...

Dear L.N., What kind of goat are you?

Kate said...

Oh, WOW. I think I shall have to try and bring an animal into Can-of-Duck, if only to get to meet the YUMMY Inspection Vet! You do get all of the very best adventures! Big hugs to you and your lady and the nice man. I'm glad that neither you nor the cat is in the storage boxes.... you wouldn't like it much!


Katie in MN

Mom L said...

It's so good to hear from you again, Lucky Nickel! It won't be long before you are permanently reunited with your Lady - that will be a day to remember! I can't wait for you to tell us of your adventures in Can-of-Duck - I just can't say plaine olde Canada!!!

Nancy back in Iowa

Mimi Foxmorton said...


Reading about your adventure makes me feel like anything is possible.......! xo

hillcroftheritage said...

welcome back to NS... best place on earth... well when it stops raining! Loved your goaty blog.

hillcroftheritage said...

welcome back to NS, the best place in the world... when it stops raining!

Love the goaty blog