Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goats will be goats!

Despite valiant efforts to contain them, goats cannot always be contained.  Miss Lucky Nickel is a very high jumping goat, and she is no match for the average, or even above average, fence.  She is therefore very tricky to contain.  This means that she often just runs around the property, eating a bit here and there, and generally causing mayhem.  She gets in the way of outdoor projects and eats the flowers.  Now, she has instructed Inigo and Westley how to get out with her!

One of her more nefarious deeds lately has been her discovery of a beautiful garden bench that my Dad refurbished for us, and which we placed on the front porch.  The porch is still under construction, but it was complete enough that we could put the bench out and enjoy sitting on it and taking in the views of the hills and fields around the area.  Miss Nickel decided that the bench was also her throne, and she has taken to sitting on it whenever she likes.  Particularly in the heat of a sunny day, she will go there to retire in the shade and chew her cud, while contemplating other troublesome things she can do.  Lately, she has taken to holding court while sitting in her throne and instructing the other goats to lay at her feet.
Can't you hear her now?  "Westley, bring me my crown."
"As you wish, your highness."
Unfortunately, she has decided that the arms of the bench are good for chewing on, probably somewhat absentmindedly.  This made me very upset and also upset my Dad, who had put so much work into the bench for us.  We did try new methods of keeping Miss Nickel in place, all to no avail.  The bench arms will need to be refinished again, but Richard will do that just as soon as we can keep Nickel contained.  Either that, or when the colder weather comes, we shall bring the bench inside where she cannot reach it.  The intention is to screen in the porch with a low wall around the sides, such that we can sit out there and not be bothered by the swarms of mosquitoes.  When we put in the low wall, Miss Nickel's reign on the porch shall end, and the bench will be off limits.

So what do you think - are these two planning a revolt?
Stay tuned for a new blog post soon on some new additions to the farm!


Millie said...

I'm not sure those eyes say, "Revolt." It looks more like they just wish it were a longer bench and their queen were more sharing. :-) Of course, we'd share our picnic table with them.

Marigold said...

I don't know. Let them eat cake, I say! The goatmother says a hot wire around the inside of your fence at about 12 - 16 inches (goat nose height) works wonders. I say, don't listen to her, although, I have to admit it has worked here. No one even considers getting outside the fence. Boo ran into it once, but only once.

Pricilla said...

I am sorry for the destruction of your lovely bench but as a goat I must say it does look mighty tasty

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I wish I could jump as high as Lucky Nickel! We Boer's don't have legs for jumping and my maaaa gave me her short legs. I'm good at shimmying under things though, and I can push my way through a lot if I give it a good try. I think Inigo is definately up to something. Westley just looks angelic.

K Park said...

Did you try bitter apple on the arms of the bench? It did well keeping my cat off of the christmas tree.

The bench is indeed gorgeous, and your deck is looking pretty good too.

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Ha! She looks so regal in her throne!

Mom L said...

Like K Park said, I wonder if you could rub something bitter but non-toxic on the bench arms. Or put signs on the arms saying, "Do Not Chew!" Since Miss Nickel is smart enough to be a guest blogger, surely she can read as well as type!! She definitely has her subjects under her paw.

Nancy, back in Iowa

denise f said...

La Grande Dame hardly looks embarrassed to have been caught in the act, does she? Wait! What's she's saying? A little louder, please? Oh, but of course, the sheep didit!

Jenny Holden said...

I was so sorry to hear about Marshmallow, she was a lovely little sheep. It's good to hear that you have the goats to amuse, cheer and infuriate you! I had to laugh out loud at this post and show my Dad the photos. What naughty goats!!

Marilyn Rand said...

Hi Love your blog, also a spinner, felter, knitter and live in the valley. Love to meet you.