Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boxes of Happy

I've got two boxes to talk about today - both of which made me very happy!  It's always nice to receive something in a package in the mail....there's something about opening a box or package that is like unraveling a little mystery.  Sometimes you know the box is coming, and sometimes you don't!

The first box of happy was one that I knew was coming.  A looooong time ago, Millie the goat at Eden Hills had a lovely giveaway for her human's new online shop!  I was the lucky winner, and I was able to choose 2 products from her bath and body selection as my prize.  It was difficult to choose from all the yummy choices, but I selected the "relaxing" scent soap (because I need to relax more) and the "earthy" scent bath salts, because I do love a nice warm bath in the winter, and I'm a bit of an earthy girl.

It was very exciting to receive a box in the mail from a goat!  Yes, Millie Ann herself sent it!
It was very nicely packed with packing paper so nothing would get damaged.  And as I opened it, it just smelled wonderful!
 Here was the source of the lovely smell - this is the soap!  What an elegant label.
I tried to encourage Fezzik to take an interest in the soap - I thought he might like to consider daily showers with it so that he smelled less goaty.  He briefly stopped to consider it...
 ...but decided his goat chow was MUCH more interesting.
Well that's just fine by me, because I want that soap all to myself!  It's a lovely scent - not too strong, and just right for me or for Richard, since we both need to relax!

The bath salts come packaged in a lovely little jar - so pretty to sit on the edge of the bath!  Do you see that I finally got the tiles grouted?  They actually look quite nice and I'm pleased at how the bathroom is progressing, even though it's a bit slower than I'd like.  My Dad is working on a nice front piece for the tub now, so that'll be the next stage!
In any case, I think that the bath salts look so lovely in their little jar, coordinating with my tiles, that I haven't actually used any yet.  They smell fabulous and I keep opening the jar and smelling it and then putting it back because I don't want to lose my pretty bathroom "ornament" yet!
I do encourage you to visit Millie Ann's human's shop!  She makes lovely bath products!  Not only that, you can buy popcorn from her farm!  And, guess what?!  You can lease a GOAT!   Go check it out!  A huge thank you to Millie Ann Saanen and her lady in Iowa for hosting the giveaway!

The second Box of Happy was completely unexpected and a lovely surprise!  Isobelle's lady sent it to me! What a wonderful treat!  She knows that things have been difficult here with all the craziness due to the former owner's disregard for his promises on helping us carry on his wine business.  It has made me so unhappy and she knows that I've been trying very hard to find at least part time employment with no success.  She sent me a box full of "happy" to make me feel better.  I was completely surprised!

There were two lovely reversible placemats for our kitchen table!  There was a gorgeous skein of sock yarn that I can't wait to knit!  It has the very funny name of "Bite Me" for the colourway, which gave me a good giggle.  She also sent a lovely card with her very own hand drawn characters of her barnyard residents.  What a sweet thing to do!
She also tucked in two pairs of these lovely warm socks.  I can only show you one pair because the other one has already been worn and it's in the wash!  They have sheep on them, of course!
Thank you so much to my special "goat-sister" in New York for this virtual hug!  You really made my week!
*Special Addition (after original post)*
Since Marigold asked, even though Isobelle's lady will probably have a fit, here are her lovely drawings of her critters from the card.  I think they look super!  You can see Tuuli and Wickery the sheep, beautiful Number in his blanket, the mini-horses, and I do believe Thistle is scampering across the card.  Isobelle is lovely of course, and she would not be horrified at all!  An artist at work, here!


Marigold said...

It is all so lovely! The socks are very cute and look warm. Can you show us the drawings? I would not want to use the bath salts either because the color matches so well. :) I am glad you got some happiness in boxes! You deserve them. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoy the scents. I can't believe how well the color matches your bathroom tiles. It's nice to see it's coming together. How nice of Isobelle's lady to think of you!

Millie said...

I think I'd prefer the goat chow too.

Marigold said...

Oh! The drawings are great! I particularly like Isobelle and don't think she would be horrified at all! I hope Isobelle's lady doesn't have a fit because they are quite nice drawings. I think she should do more!

Pricilla said...

Oh how wonderful. Packages are so delicious...I mean delightful.

thecrazysheeplady said...

How wonderful!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I wanted to send you some of my goat berries but my lady said they wouldn't get through the customs...hee hee. I want my lady to do a proper picture of me! She even forgot an ear! We love you Claire and we are glad that we gave you a happy! I like the new bath salts on the tile! Pretty!!!

Mom L said...

I love your happys!!! And the tile looks lovely - good job!

Nancy, back in Iowa

esthorne said...

Hi, Claire! I've been 'lurking' and following your adventures for awhile; so sorry about things not going well with the farm purchase. I just happened across this on one of the patent law blogs and thought maybe there would be a possibility for you (assuming you have time while looking for work). They seem to focus on computer-related and telecommunications patents but right now there is one post about biodiesel fuel if you are comfortable with chemistry. See the article at and the site at
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