Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yarn Thrifting

One thing I've been doing lately is visiting the thrift shops as a good source of yarn - not necessarily balls of yarn (although sometimes you do find those!) but for things I can unravel and re-use the yarn.  Today I went to the thrift shop for that reason, because I had to go to town anyway for groceries and sheep feed.  I picked up some really nice scarves for re-purposing the yarn.  Some of them are the "fun fur" type of yarn which works well in many of my crazy chicken hats and other novel knitted or crocheted items.  Some of them are colours I liked, and some of them are lovely chunky yarns.  Here are a few of the scarves and yarns I've thrifted lately.

Here's a lovely big ball of thick-and thin cream coloured yarn from a bulky scarf - I'll probably give this one a dye job and turn it into something more colourful!

These are 5 balls of yarn from a lovely 100% wool thick-and-thin scarf.  I adore these colours and I think I might re-use them in a shrug for myself, along with some solid red and grey.

This is the content of 7 scarves, unraveled.  The scarves cost me about $12.  The novelty "furry" yarns are usually $6-8 per skein, and I've got 5 skeins here.  The thick-and-thin wools are more than that if you buy them from the yarn store.  And the alpaca blend would be more yet again.  In all, a great haul!

Not everybody likes fun fur, but I love it for accents on scarves and hats, not to mention "wings" on my bird hats.  I loved the variegated blue, turquoise and mauve in these skeins.

This was a prize - an alpaca and wool blend.  Scrumptious!

Another batch of scarves that I purchased today, waiting to be unravelled!  There's more fun fur, some mohair, and some wool.  

 This is a lovely deep cranberry - I think it's an acrylic, but that's OK - it's easy wash and a super colour!

This scarf is actually woven, not knitted.  I'm sure it's 100% wool by feel...

...and it was woven by Branigan Weavers (so says the front of the label) in Drogheda, Ireland.  I thought that was a lovely bit of finery from across the pond!  And such a rich colour once again!  I might felt it for re-use, or I might just keep it as a scarf.

Of course, one can also find good sweaters for felting, which I remake into mittens for selling in my Etsy shop, or for unravelling for the yarns!  This one is for the yarn!  That's my colour!

This is a 100% cashmere vest from Garnet Hill - perfect for an extra layer of warmth on cold days like today!  Their cashmere sweaters retail for $150 to $200 Canadian, so I think this was a good deal for $3.50, don't you?!

Sometimes, there are other good finds besides the wool and yarn.  Today, for instance, I scored 100% silk pajamas with dragons on them, with the original paper label still attached - clearly never worn.  Really nicely made, with "frog" style buttons on the front and a Mandarin collar.  I couldn't resist for $4.00.

I mean, if you're going to lounge around in your PJ's, you ought to do it in style, right?  So what do you think - do they suit me?  They're certainly comfortable and I love the colour, so as far as I'm concerned, it was a day of deals!


Michelle said...

Wow, what an inspiring post, Claire! And yes, you look fabulous!

Alison said...

I never would have thought of unraveling scarves and sweaters to repurpose the wool etc. What a great source of cheap raw material!

Ok, so did Lucky Nickel take the last photo? I think you should wear those pjs in public. If nothing else, you can be the local eccentric. :)

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Thanks Michelle! Glad to have given some yarny inspiration!!

Alison - I actually learned how to use the self timer on my camera (brilliant!), and it sits very nicely on a counter, so I can take pictures of myself against that lovely unfinished drywall! And, just a hunch, but I think I already *am* the local eccentric! LOL!

Patty Woodland said...

Some beastiful yarn there. You look great in your pjs

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

You scored some beautiful yarn and love those P.J's, you look great in them!!

gerald majestic said...

hmmm i wonder how i would look in those? i think it would go lovely with my majestic white wool. maybe the human can find some for me. i deserve pajamas like that.

gerald the pajama wearing goat

Mimi Foxmorton said...

LOVIN' the new look!

And the jammies!

Look at you blogging again!


Renee Cabe said...

If you are the local eccentric, then we should form a club. Ha! I am the local "Crazy Goat Lady". You would think the locals would appreciate me more, just as they should learn to appreciate you--hee hee.

Mare said...

Love all the super finds and LOVE the PJ's!

Mare said...

Love all the super finds and LOVE the PJ's!

Marigold said...

Oh! You look SO good!!!! The jammies are great, but I think you must be related to the Goatmother with those lovely ocean colours. That colour is her favorite too. :)