Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friday's Hunt v 2.17

Almost didn't make it under the time limit this week.  Again, it's been a busy week and I was away this past weekend at a yarn spinning retreat.  I just got home, and here's my Friday's Hunt post, to keep myself going on the meme hosted by Eden Hills!  The three prompts for this week are "Starts with Q," "Week's Favourite" and "Fall or Spring."

Starts with Q
As I mentioned, I was at the Maritime Spinners' Retreat this weekend, and I had a great time connecting with fellow spinners and knitters.  We were able to participate in a fibre challenge by spinning 4 oz of merino fibre any way we wanted, and then creating a project with the yarn we had spun.  I needed to make something QUICK because I received my fibre quite late, and then had very little time to get it finished.  Spinning coiled yarn is fairly quick, but it also makes a short amount of yardage due to the structure of the yarn.  Short yardage meant a smaller project, and thus a quicker project!  I decided to use my rigid heddle loom to weave the coiled yarn into a short runner or even a neck scarf, just to emphasize the nature of the coiled yarn.  So, this was my quick project.  I'm hoping to do a blog post soon showing all the other projects made with the same fibre.

I like the way it turned out - it makes me think of ocean waves or ripples in a pond.  I might use the woven fabric to make something else eventually, when I have more time.

Week's Favourite
While in PEI for the retreat, I visited McAusland's Woollen Mill, where they make yarn as well as a lovely blankets.  The mill was built in 1868.  It was originally a lumber mill and then became a wool mill.  One of my favourite pictures is this shot showing bobbins of maroon coloured 3-ply yarn which are waiting to be skeined.  I love the contrast of the maroon and the steel and the wood of the empty bobbin.

Here's a bonus shot of the skeining machine where those bobbins are headed next!

Since I'm in the northern hemisphere, it's definitely fall for me!  Here's a picture of a young maple on our slope in the front of the house.  I do love the fall colours!  I had hoped to take some nice fall pictures at the retreat but it rained buckets all weekend - not very conducive to pictures outside.


Michelle said...

I've never spun that way although I think the yarn created is fascinating. I've wondered what could be done with it, and your weaving is PERFECT for showing it off!

Jim said...

Sorry I'm so late also. Thank you for your tour, Claire. I've often wondered how bobbins are machine threaded, as well as catching the first strand of a synthetic thread. We once toured the Amana Colony Mill in Iowa, the looms are fascinating, especially to me, the programmable loom. When we went they were still using 'punch cards', remember them?

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

I agree your weaving shows off your spinning so well! Love it!

Tom said...

Great to know that the mill is still in operation.

porkpal said...

Every Monday should contain a little Friday! I love the texture of your "quick" project!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing what you created! You are so gifted with your fiber work. Pretty shot of the fall leaves. We are weird here. Some trees still look all green and some have already lost all their leaves. Definitely odd. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

Gattina said...

Your creations are very beautiful, love the colors, they would suit me !