Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Coffee at This Time of Year

When the cold nights (and mornings) arrive and the wind blows a bit more fiercely, it's time for Claire's winter coffee to come back on the daily menu.  I know, some people will argue that it doesn't even count as coffee, but here's what I enjoy every morning at this time of year.

I start with a spoonful of Nescafe instant coffee.  I'm the only coffee drinker in the house, and to be honest, it really isn't worth it to me to go to the trouble of brewed coffee, given what else I put into it. You could easily make this coffee with a brewed version though.

Next, I add two spoonfuls of the "Rolo" flavour of Carnation hot chocolate mix.  It's a chocolate-caramel flavour mix, and it's my favourite.

After that, I add a small candy cane.  I buy them in a box of 50 at Christmas time.  They last for months, and even until the next year if you don't use them all.  One unwrapped candy cane goes into the mug.  Sometimes I break it into pieces so that it will melt more quickly.

I fill up with boiling water, stirring vigorously.  Then, I throw in a handful of miniature marshmallows.  Finally, a generous pour of coffee cream (18%) finishes off the treat.

That's my 8 am wake-up call.  It's a peppermint mocha with marshmallows, I suppose.  I highly recommend it, if you enjoy flavoured coffee like I do!


porkpal said...

That sounds GOOD!

Gattina said...

Wow ! that's a real sophisticated coffee ! I drink it black, strong only with sugar !