Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friday's Hunt v 2.24

Today is Saturday, but I was visiting my parents yesterday, so I wasn't able to get to the blog such, it's Friday's Hunt, a day late!  The prompts for this week are, Starts with X, Week's Favourite, and Lights.

Starts with X
This is a tricky letter, but I have a rather good solution for it!  This is my xylophone!

It is a very special xylophone, because it was made for me by my father.  I believe I was about 10 years old when he made it, although I could be wrong.  As you can see, it is made from two different woods.  The main body is pine (look at those lovely end joints!) and the keys are made from rosewood.  Each of the keys was carefully tuned by slowly carving wood out from the middle section on the underside of the key.  He had to test them frequently to be sure they were correctly tuned.

Then he made two sets of hammers for it - one set is solid wood and the set pictured is made from a long strip of tapered leather wrapped around the end of the dowel to make a softer-sounding hammer. When you run those hammers across the keys, it sounds like a babbling brook.  It is a really lovely instrument.  I played it for many years at home, and since then, other children have had the opportunity to play it when they visit my parents.  My Dad also made the table that the xylophone is sitting upon - he's a very talented woodworker!

Week's Favourite
I didn't take many pictures this week, so here's a favourite from a couple of weeks ago.  This is our adopted rabbit, Pippin, in one of his classic poses on the windowsill, where he likes to sit while I knit on the couch that backs onto this window.  He is very elegant bun!

I was able to help my parents decorate their (real) Christmas tree on my visit with them, which was a delight for me because I was able to look at all the ornaments that I know and love, some of which I made, and enjoy putting them up on the tree.  Most of the ornaments are handmade, or gifts, and some of them are from my parents' travels, or trips that I have been on.  Of course, the first stage of decorating the tree is adding the lights - which my Dad usually does with help from my Mom.  I had to be at a work reception in Halifax, so they worked on the lights while I was out.  Then we did the decorating when I was back, and we sat back to enjoy the fruits of our labour.  It really is a lovely tree, and the twinkling lights are perfect.


Anonymous said...

Great features for Fri Hunt:) Wow, I have utmost respect for one who can make an instrument! Especially with different tones by carving the wood - talking about creative!
You are way ahead of me. Hubby yesterday got the outside lights done. But my Christmas tree is still standing outside:) Have a great weekend!

You are welcome to link to ALL SEASONS (any experience during the season is great). Just put up the post, but linky is open Sunday through Wednesday. Hope to see you there:)…s-everything-not/

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

What a gorgeous bunny!

How lovely that you still have your parents to celebrate the holidays with.

Tom said...

Claire, your xylophone is GREAT. Great for "X" plus it's beautiful. I can't say that I'm much of a rabbit fan, but Pippin is pretty neat. Our tree is in the stand with water waiting for the lights to be strung, I'm not looking forward to that job. Enjoy your week ahead.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love that Xylophone. What a treasure that is. Your Dad is very talented indeed.

I love your pet Rabbit. He is very luxurious looking.

I don't totally understand why Christmas trees are so important but they are. I love it when my wife puts are trees up and she and my son carefully place the various ornaments many of which were made in past years for people who are no longer with us.

Great post.

Ralph said...

The xylophone is an elegant instrument, made first with love and then with impeccable craftsmanship. A work of art! Pippin looks perfect, a stylish knitting companion :) You decorated a wonderful a wonderful tree for your parents - w work of love and affection...

porkpal said...

I am very impressed with the xylophone! Your father is amazing.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful instrument--and the wonderful gift of your father's handwork. Pippin is a regal-looking rabbit, looks like he's made of velvet. I love bunnies! That is a beautiful tree. What wonderful memories it holds.

Patty Woodland said...

Pippin looks so very soft. I can't believe you have a xylophone! The tree is just gorgeous

Anonymous said...

That xylophone is amazing! Your dad truly is quite talented. Pippin is just adorable. Lovely Christmas tree. Thanks so much for joining in. Have a great week!