Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bunday Banana Business

Today's post is all about bananas.  All of you bunnies and bunny lovers should know how much most of us adore bananas.  They are a very special delicacy.  The hoomin beans say that we should not eat very much of them because they are high in sugar, so if you are a hoomin bean and you are going to give banana to your bunny overlords and ladies, then do not give too much!

When the male hoomin bean (MHB) decides to have a banana, sometimes he sits on the couch in the home office, to chat with the FHB.  We can smell banana a mile away, so we know immediately when he brings one for us to share.  We rush to help him out with eating the banana.  Here you can see that I am very active in assisting with peeling the banana.  Naturally, this is my job, since I must carefully inspect the banana.

Hoomin beans are fussy and only eat the inside part of the banana.  We eat the peels, and the inside bits, and all the bits we can get into our mouths.  The MHB likes to feed us the "strings" as he calls them, that come from the layer between the banana and the peel. Here is Épinette Nutkin having a banana string.

I will stand on my hind legs to amuse the HBs and therefore obtain more banana strings.

The hoomin beans say that this is a very cute habit!

We are both very helpful with the peeling and the eating functions.

 Sometimes, the MHB has to hold the banana up in the air so we don't steal it from him (and believe me, we would steal it if we could!)

The best approach to this problem is to climb the hoomin bean to get to the banana.

We are both good climbers, but we aren't always successful....that crafty MHB just switches hands!

In summary, we both advocate for all hoomin beans sharing their bananas with bunnies.


Michelle said...

Too cute!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

They are so cute! What great pictures!! I did not realize rabbits liked bananas.

Katherine Dunn said...

Oh you crazy Hoomin Beans!