Sunday, November 19, 2017

Friday's Hunt 4.20

Another busy week has come and gone.  This week's prompts from Eden Hills are:  Starts with T, Black and White, and Paper.

Starts with T
A tender moment between our two rabbits - Pippin in front and Epinette behind.  They groom each other a lot, and I always think it's rather sweet to watch how they interact and care for each other.  When treats are involved, then it's every rabbit for him/herself!

Black and White
I see a lot of woodpeckers in my yard at this time of year - they are especially interested in my suet feeder.  Most woodpeckers here are exclusively black and white, with touches of red on the head of the males. Here is a hairy woodpecker (male) I photographed last week who is removing the bark from a spruce tree in the yard - probably finding insects underneath the bark.

It is not uncommon to find paper wasp nests attached to various places on our house.  I don't actually see that many wasps, but I do see their homes.  I try to remove the nests when they are small, but sometimes I miss one.  This one was under the balcony deck that is outside our bedroom.

I like bees but I am not a big fan of wasps, although I recognize they have their place in the ecosystem.  That said, I find their ability to form these "paper" nests from wood fibre to be absolutely amazing.  They are talented insects!  I also love looking at paper fragments from the nests - there is so much variation in colour and texture.  It is like artisanal craft paper - quite remarkable.


Michelle said...

Beautiful photo responses to the prompts, all of them!

Tom said...

...Claire, handsome rabbits! Nature is an amazing, how do woodpecker pound away at a tree without getting a headache and wasps if they aren't stinging you are paper makers.

Jim said...

Awww. Such cute bunnies.
I hadn't realized wasps use paper in the making of their nests. Thank you.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Neat, all of it!

Lin said...

Aw, the rabbits are beautiful! Isn't nature amazing? Even if we don't like the animal or insect, what they can do is truly a miracle.

Gattina said...

The rabbits are so adorable. We had a woodpecker here I never saw him, but what a noise he made.

Ralph said...

Your bunnies are wonderful and loving...still, treats bring out the animal instincts in many, perhaps all bunnies, kitties, doggies, etc!