Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Weekend Roundup: I

The prompts for this weekend from Tom the Backroads Traveller are: Starts with I, Inside, and Favourite.

Starts with I
Ivy starts with I.  One of our two pet rats is named Ivy, and the other one is Violet.  Unfortunately, Ivy has had some respiratory distress this week so she went to the vet this morning and she has pneumonia.  She is on antibiotics, which she gets drizzled on cheerios cereal, which is a favourite treat.  

We do hope Ivy will recover quickly.  

I keep all the chicken food - both their pellets and their scratch grains - inside galvanized metal garbage cans.

This means that I don't have bags of feed laying around to be temptation to raccoons or other creatures that I don't want stealing the food!  Keeping the food inside the bins also keeps the food dry and clean during inclement weather.  The lids have a simple locking system integrated into the handle and the raccoons can't open them.  I keep the cans right next to the coop so it is convenient for me to access.

I was thinking about using "ice" for my letter I word.  Ice is not a favourite thing of mine, but this picture of ice in my backyard is a favourite for this week because the ice in the yard is starting to melt, and I can see the little green shoots of the sphagnum moss growing underneath.  There is even a green blade of grass in there. Perhaps spring will arrive in March this year instead of the end of April!


Jim said...

Poor Ivy, here is a hope and a prayer for her to have a speedy recovery. It makes sense to store their food in sealed stainless to keep the varmints away. I also hope your ice and snow melts quickly. Ours is so rare that we are keeping three pieces of ice in the freezer for our granddaughter.

porkpal said...

I hope Ivy gets well quickly. Rats are such good pets!

Tom said...

...I never thought about rats getting pneumonia! Galvanized cans are a must, unless you don't mind feeding every critter in the neighborhood. Spring is the season that you can never count on. Thanks Claire for stopping by, enjoy your week and please stop back again.

ellen b. said...

Oh, I do hope Ivy gets better soon. Our daughter had two rats years ago. One was named pinky and the other was fats. Smart idea for keeping the food protected and away from critters. Nice Ice shot.

vesselsmemories said...

Ivy is beautiful : I hope she feels better soon. I almost did an "Ice" picture this week, but I found a few others instead. I like yours! Have a good week.

Lin said...

Get well soon, Ivy! I didn't know you had the rats....more photos, please!