Saturday, July 25, 2009

Book it Forward

I surround myself with books. I lose myself in books, and I'd much rather read most of the time than watch television. I prefer to use my own imagination to bring the words on the page to life, rather than have someone else's interpretation spoon-fed to me. I read many different kinds of books. I love fiction, but I also enjoy travel writing, clever analysis (books like Freakonomics), natural history (I just read a marvelous book about hedgehogs), and a wide range of craft and farm-oriented books. Lately I have been reading books about design of animal housing, llama training, and dealing with pregnant ewes.

Books take up a lot of space. Sometimes, I go through a de-cluttering phase. I find that I have a predilection for cookbooks, which I buy because I like to read them, but then I don't use them. I find it very hard to part with cookbooks, but right now, I'm just overflowing with them. In addition, I have some fiction that I've read but which I probably won't read again.

What to do with all these books? Sometimes I donate boxes of books to charities. Sometimes, I think it might be better to give them to people who are really interested in them! So, this blog post is a "book it forward" post. I thought I'd offer some of my books to my readers, and then in turn, I'm hoping they'll offer a book to someone else, or pass along my book when they have finished with it. So, without further ado, I present to you the list of books. I will ship any of these books, free of charge, to any of my regular readers. I know who my readers are - those who comment or are in my followers list. If you ask for a book and I've never heard of you, I probably won't send it to you! I'll send them media mail, which is a cheaper (but slower) service. By the way, I have a non-smoking, "pet friendly" household, so if you are very allergic to dogs (or bottle lambs), don't ask for one!

Hope some of you might be interested in these...if you need more information on them, I have linked them to their respective Amazon pages.

Fiction! All paperbacks in excellent condition.

The Nanny Diaries - funny and light reading, now a movie!
Avoiding Prison and other Noble Vacation Goals - funny travel reading
Whiteout - a classic Ken Follett novel
Third Time Lucky - fun, light chick lit!
The Poisonwood Bible - an Oprah Book Club choice...

Cooking - hardcovers! (these are heavy and therefore I will only ship these within the continental US and Canada)
Sarah Moulton Cooks at Home
The Paris Cookbook by Patricia Wells
Jacques Pepin Celebrates (200 of his most cherished recipes!)

Cooking - smaller books!
Cooking: A Commonsense Guide
The Mushroom Feast
Riso: Undiscovered Rice Dishes of Northern Italy
Essentials: Chocolate

Read on!!


Tiffany said...

I dont know if this is the right way to get ahold of you (I'm new at this stuff!) but if your willing I will take either the sarah moulten book or the cooking commonsense guide.

clink said...

Claire -- I would love the Sara Moulton book ..... would you like to do a trade??? I have some gardening books I could de-clutter.

I have several really nice books on roses and a Complete Guide to Gardening. I would love to send these to someone without Japanese Beetles!

And if you ever come out to see Sheepie Neighbor, I would even cook lunch out of the book for you!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a good idea! I have too little time to read to claim one, but am thinking I should do this, too. My mom keeps giving me books....

Lola Nova said...

How generous of you Claire! We just donated a bunch of ours to friends of the library.
I would love the Jacques Pepin Celebrates book and I would be happy to trade something.

Sarah Elaine said...

What a lovely idea! I have just given away or donated enough books to fill an entire 6' bookshelf. I like your idea better.

BTW, I still have a cookbook you gave me some years ago... Big Flavours. I still love it. :-)

angie said...

Hi Claire,

I would love the Mushroom cookbook.

I am trying to lighten my book load too - I've been donating books to my local library. They either put them into circulation or sell them to raise funds.

angie said...

Sorry to post again, but I just got a great book from the library that reminded me of you. Shear Spirit by Joan Tapper and photos by Gale Zucker. It is beautiful!

Flartus said...

Oooh, I bet Miss Chef would love that Riso book! I think she got a double copy of a cookbook that I've been pondering how to share with someone...if you're interested, I'll find out the title. If not, I guess I can Book it Forward! :)

greykyttyn said...

Hi Claire! This greykyttyn from DG. I've been following your blog but i doubt you know it. The Ken Follett book could drift my direction if you don't' have anyone else looking to read it. I have a few people i pass books onto that pass them on also at this point when they are done with them. Only way we can afford to read stuff most of the time.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ok, with that kind of generous bait...I'll bite! hehe!

The 'Avoiding Prison' book sounds right up my alley, what with my past and even my current lifestyle spent picking up and moving every few years, and doing lots of traveling. Besides I could really use a book that makes me laugh and draws me in. I've not found anything this year that just makes me want to curl up and spend the entire day reading.

I think I may have a very clever and fun book for you to read, too. It was sent to me by Jocelyn after my surgery and is called, "Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance~Reflections on Raising Chickens"
by Martin Gurdon.
It is full of some very witty and hilarious humor.
If you've not read it yet, I'd be happy to send it to you. :)

Book it Forward!

What a brilliant idea!


twinville2 at yahoo dot com

Claire said...

Excellent! Tiffany, Clink & Angie - please send your addresses to patentgarden at gmail dot com and I will send you your books! Lola Nova and Flartus - I have yours already! I will be sending out books soon! Thanks everybody!

Claire said...

Greykyttyn and Lisa, I had a brain cramp moment - please also send me your addresses at patentgarden at gmail dot com. Thanks you guys! Your books will be on the way as soon as I have your addresses!

Claire said...

Finally got books packaged up. Alison, Lisa, Lola, Angie - yours are all on the way!!

Tiffany, Greykyttyn and Clink, I need your addresses!

Thanks all!