Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daylilies and Baby Bottles

The past couple of weeks have seen an explosion of blooms here in my garden. Some of the blooms are my standard favourites - monarda (bee balm), clematis (especially Avant-garde), various allium bulbs are blooming, and also my gaillardia. I thought I'd post a few pictures of some of the daylilies that I planted last year. These are new to me for this year. Before this, I'd only had the tiger lilies (the tall orange ones) and a plain yellow.

I put these in rather hurriedly last fall, so I didn't make name tags for them. Whoops. Now I'm not sure what varieties they are. None the less, I'm pleased with the blooms.

This one is a rather lovely peachy-yellow with faint orange bits.

A rather plummy-mauve bloom!
This one might be my personal favourite - I love the ruffles on the petals and the inner colour ring.
Not a daylily, but this is a bloom on my hardy Opuntia cactus, which survives very nicely in the zone 5a Iowa winter! It had about 30 blooms on it this year.

Here's a new echinacea for me this year as well. I love the deep magenta colour.

Well, in case you're wondering why baby bottles appeared in the title of this post, I thought I'd post this rather cute video of Marshmallow having her bottle. She has 4 bottles a day now, taking 7 ounces per feeding. She's really doing ever so well. She's learning to jump, very nimbly. She can nearly jump onto the bed. She sleeps on the dog's bed at night and the dog has taken to sleeping in the living room. When she wakes in the morning though, she can barely contain her energy and immediately comes over to the bed for attention, bouncing at my side as if her legs were pogo sticks. In any event, enjoy the "feeding time" show!


Christy said...

Logan loves how their tails wag when they eat. Beautiful lilies.

Lola Nova said...

I'm surpised she doesn't 'take off' with that tail wagging!
What a wonderful blooming time. Everywhere I look (outside and on the blogs), I am seeing the beauty of summer. What lovely lillies. I only have one in my garden, it is a very intense reddish orange color with yellow. The funny thing is, I just transplanted it last fall and in it's former spot it was a lot paler in color (and none too happy). Now it's got so many buds and changed color! I love the garden. Always a surprise.

Jennifer said...

Aww, she is beautiful and I want to know how you get that diaper to stay on her. I have never had luck with getting one to stay on baby goats that had to be brought in the house for one reason or another. Love your flowers too! Such pretty colors.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I'm packing my little knapsack and coming to visit! Nice bottles to drink out of, a soft fleecy bed and kisses and then day lillies as a snack afterwards! Goat kisses from Isobelle!

Mare said...

Your lilies are beautiful! And that little Marshmallow is wonderful! So full of joy(and milk!) I love her little tail and her diaper is so cute! :) Thanks for sharing Claire!

Mom L said...

Love the video!! She looks so darn hugable, I'm really looking forward to meeting you and your critters one day! I've always loved day lilies, and yours are amazing.

Nancy in Atlanta (for 3 more weeks)

Karen said...

Day lilies are one of my absolute favorites!

Ishtar said...

Wow! Beautiful flowers!!

Flartus said...

Tu as beaucoup de variete dans ton jardin--c'est vraiment tres beau!

Je voulais depuis des jours te dire que j'ai recu ton t-shirt. Merci beaucoup! En fait, nous deux ici, nous aimons bien les couleurs; Mlle Chef me jalouse, hi hi!

It never crossed my mind that you might speak French; even after reading you'd grown up in Quebec. Um, how do you say "duh" in French?

Actually, you might be able to help me with some vocab; I hear the Quebecois are excellent at avoiding anglicisms!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! I don't know what's cuter....the diaper...or the way her little tail waggles as she eats...or maybe the kisses. Gosh, lambs are just so sweet!

And your daylillies are beautiful. My neighbor gave me a huge box of bulbs she had dug up. Do I need to wait until fall to plant them?


Claire said...

Flartus - did you get the Iowa chicken too?! I hoped that you make you laugh.

Lisa - I would not wait if I were you. I'm a different zone, but I still feel that getting their roots into the soil is best. I do think that they will need extra watering to get started though, based on the time of year. Lucky you to get such a generous gift! I hope you'll post bloom pics next year!

Earthenwitch said...

I want that sheep.