Friday, March 19, 2010

He's back!! But so is the snow...

I was really excited this morning to see a flash of blue outside my window.  A true sign of spring - the bluebird was back!  I watched him and snapped a few photographs through the window.  I inadvertently caught him in the act of actually eating a worm!

He then went to sit and digest it on his favourite fence post.  He sits there quite a bit in the summer.

It was all the more distressing, therefore, when it began snowing later in the day.  The spot where the worm was consumed is now under about an inch of snow, with 2 to 4 more expected.  Really, haven't we had enough?!  Fortunately, the weather forecast is due to improve by Sunday so this snow should not stick around for very long.  It was just beginning to dry out though, after all the rain we had experienced last week.  So now, when this snow melts, it will all be a muddy mess again.

It was a 15-egg day, including 3 duck eggs.  Amongst the usual assortment (not yet rinsed), was this little gem!

Really nice dark brown but so tiny!  I'm not sure if it is a bantam egg or a standard hen who is having an off day, but I don't think I usually have one that dark. Time will tell!  Here it is with the snowy mess in the background.
Here's hoping it all melts on Sunday, when the weather is supposed to improve again.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

That was me! I flew over and laid that little brown egg. I'm still working on perfecting my goat eggs. Just wait until I can lay golden eggs that hatch little flying goatibelles! hee hee hee

Flartus said...

I saw my first bluebird today, too! Yes, I think there has been quite enough snow this winter, but on the other hand, that should help keep drought at bay. (Easy for me to say; it was mid-60s today here.)

Gail said...

Snow is a four letter word, you know.

They are calling for a chance of snow here!

Great catch with the blue bird. I always enjoy the end of cycle eggs, they amaze me.

Mom L said...

Beautiful shot of the bluebird! My snow drove the robins out of sight, but I'm sure they'll be back. We didn't get as much snow as you did - I brushed a layer of about 2.5" off the car this afternoon.

Nancy in Iowa

Foothills Poultry said...

I love the "fart" egg, that is the technical term for it. I have a collection of about half a dozen of them from my hens over the years.


Michelle said...

The little egg is the color of my Welsummer's eggs; do you have any Welsummers?

WeekendFarmer said...

Hope you get to see those crocus bloom soon : )

Sorry to read about Tula!

Nancy K. said...

I want a bluebird!!!


polly's path said...

We have a "house bird" too!
He is a gray mocking bird who spent the entire summer and fall of last year perched on top of our garage and escorted us around the yard. His free time was spend dive-bombing our cats who i suspect may have stolen his babies or his babies' momma. Either way, I hope he returns. I love a house bird.

And, I hope your weather improves. I bet you are sick if anyone even mentions snow.

Helena said...

Beautiful. We don't get these in the UK. Despite that war song, "Bluebirds over the cliffs of Dover..." LOL! Nope, we don't get them, so it's a really odd song.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh I want a bluebird I am jealous !