Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is Sproinging!

Really, spring is practically jumping out of the ground here, and that is why it makes me think "sproing!" instead of just "spring."  A mere week ago, we had deep snow in some areas of the yard and today it's practically all gone.  Over the past week there has been a fair amount of rain and much warmer temperatures, which have contributed to the muddy mess that used to be my yard.  However, this muddy mess has come along with a few other changes, including these wonderful green spikes that I found this morning!  Finally, crocuses are coming out!
This put me in a mood to search out other garden surprises, which I found in abundance.  The garlic is coming up quite well!
My achillea plants have green leaves that have been hiding under all that snow!
The irises are sending up beautiful sea-green spikes all over the flower beds.

The sheep pasture is still a dreadfully muddy mess, but the sheep are enjoying the warmer temperatures and I have seen lots of frisky playfulness emerging in them.  They chase and play sometimes when the weather is better.  I had a chat with Miss Marshmallow, who said that she was really pleased that the water trough wasn't freezing any more at night.
The other sheep, and Cesar the llama, certainly agreed.  Those Icelandics sure have long coats!
I am still surprised by how tiny the Jacob ewes are that we bought last year.  They are now just over a year old.  I weighed them this past week.  They were 35 and 40 lbs, for Penguin and Pennyroyal respectively.  That sure seems small to me for 1 year old sheep.  Here they are flanked by a Polypay and Icelandic ewe, for comparison.  What say you, Jacob owners?  Are these two just stunted?  Shouldn't they be bigger by now?  Will they grow any more?
They feel chubby on their sides though, and not bony or anything.  Here's Pennyroyal at 40 lb.
Here's Penguin - again, she's  35 lb.
Here's Pennyroyal to the right of Miss Marshmallow, who was born in very late June and is a pudgy 50 lb.
Yes, Miss Marshmallow, you are beginning to look like your namesake...fluffy, white, and ROUND!

Speaking of round, here are the goat mothers-to-be!  (Marshmallow is not pregnant, in case you're wondering.)  This is Puffin, more recently nicknamed "Miss Puffiness" and she is the most rotund of the four does.
Here is Coffee showing her baby bump.
Not to be outshined, the lovely Misses Lotus and Opal are also bulging a little...
...but really they were more interested in practicing their synchronized goat lick devouring tricks.
But really, I know why you're here.  You're looking for pictures of the lambs, aren't you?!  Well, I shall not disappoint you if that is what you're looking for, because even I can't get enough of these cute little bundles of fleece.  Some little lambs are trying to hide.  This is Aurora, who for some reason adores hanging out in this corner of the pen.
Here is Branwyn testing out her mother as a climbing toy.
She's not sure if she wants to go down this way... instead she turns around and heads up front again.  Corsica is a great mom and doesn't seem to mind at all.
Here are the three house lambs who are now out in their own special pen where they can see, and touch noses with, the other lambs.  I will put them outside hopefully later this week when the pasture is less muddy.  They are still being bottle fed, but out in the barn rather than in the house.  Unfortunately a chicken was sitting on Bond's coat and made it all messy.  Bond still seems to get cold more easily than the two ewe lambs, even though they are smaller than he is.  I wonder if it's because he had such bad hypothermia.
Here's Aurora when she isn't hiding in her favourite triangular corner.  She is really growing fast!
Finally, here is Leslie's ewe lamb.  Don't forget to enter the naming contest for her on my last blog post!  She is also growing fast and, in my opinion, she's strikingly beautiful.  I can't wait to see her fleece change as it matures and see how much it silvers.  Branwyn shows no sign of silvering so she may keep the darker colour, but this ewe lamb (to be named on Tuesday!) is definitely going to be a spinner's fleece!  She also has a really long body and long legs too.  From my viewpoint (which is very much in the learning stages), she has excellent conformation.
Who cares about conformation though, when she's so cuddly!

Have a great week!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Lovely photos today Claire! I think your sheepses are the cutest!

polly's path said...

All the babies look like they are doing so well-you are a good substitute momma!
The goats look great too-makes me want to have a pregnant doe again!!! I was just told though that we have to wait until May in our area because summer pregnancies and August births can be fatal due to the extreme heat.
So we wait.
I will check back tomorrow for the baby naming!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Too freakin cute !!! Spring is here but no *sproing* yet : ( ...don't tell the others but Marshmallow may be my to the pygmy goats and *she who shall not be named...yet*...ok I can't just pick one......

Animals with Opinions said...

lovely, just lovely. its snowy posting today. haven't seen gerald, we think frank did something to him. the house lambs look good. did they cry alot when you put them out there?

snowy the beatiful

Jenny Holden said...

Aww, little lambies! Congratulations on the new arrivals. Looking forward to seeing the kids too soon.
Those Jacobs do look rather on the tiny side! Are Jacobs smaller over there?
It looks as though you're getting spring more quickly than us, it sure is taking its time this year here in Argyll. I'm looking forward to spring flowers very soon.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Well, your Jacobs seem a bit small to me, but if I remember right they came to you a bit small. They may grow a little still, but I'm with you on them...

You might throw some vit. E to that weak lamb. Won't hurt and might help. When Keebs was a baby, I'd keep an eye on him and when he started getting sluggish I'd squirt a E into his bottle and pretty quick he'd be back to normal. Actually, any vitamins might not be a bad idea for him...

Mom L said...

Marshmallow is still very much a young lady! They're all beautiful - it will be so much fun when they are all frolicking together!


Anonymous said...

I'm with the others, your jacob lambs look small. They look smaller than the ewe lamb that I have that was born mid-July. I think she is 55-60 lbs. It will be interesting to see if they grow this spring??? Your BFL lambs are adorable!

Kelly said...

LOVE the little black sheep!

Pricilla said...

Awww, so cute. When are the kids due. I am of course partial to goats but the lambs are adorable.

Granola Girl said...

My son's father got frost bite in his fingers while long distance backpacking in a freak bit of snow. He had already sent his warm gloves home since the season had seemed to end. He had to finish a day or two with socks on his hands and quite a nice bout of hypothermia.

His fingers/hands are fine, but anytime it gets cold they are the first to start freezing up. He says they will sting, get exceptionally stiff, and completely hurt even if the rest of him seems warm.

Don't know if that forwards onto your little lambie, but his coat sure looks cute!