Thursday, April 29, 2010

A storm this way comes

a storm this way comes
sky breathing out its anger
shudders its way forward
covering the heartland in
deep layers of darkness and
roaring dissatisfaction

the air singing with the frogs
symphony of shrill calls and
the heavy humidity that lies
like saturated blankets on the
bed of night and shadows
in a soporific stillness

a brutal hailstorm threatens
leaving the shreds of an
awakening garden in its path
and the broken husks of
flowers like confetti
littering the ground

the rain will follow behind
and in the light of dawn
the pooled water in the yard
will be rimmed with pollen
leaving a yellow haze as
it evaporates into the sullen sky.


Chai Chai said...

Storms can leave devastating trails
or provide luscious moisture for the soil
twisted tortured landscape
or rich farmland to toil

Will the morning bring joy
or unveil heartache to curse
Lord only knows
but things are more gripping when written in verse

Loved you writing.

Mom L said...

Beautiful! I listened to the storm last night -