Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In which we answer some questions!

(sorry for the weirdness with the font size in this post...can't figure it out...)

The ever-so-lovely Isobelle Golightly sent me a lovely award today.  She got it from Millie the goat here in Iowa.  I didn't even KNOW Millie, let alone the fact that she was right here in Iowa with her own blog!  How exciting.  I think it's a very pretty award and I agree that life is very good, but this award has caused a disagreement.  You see, I thought I should answer the questions, but Lucky Nickel said that it was really a goat sort of questionnaire, since both Isobelle and Millie got to answer theirs, and that it was presumptuous of me to think that I should do the answers.  We had a little committee about it, and we've decided that we'll both give our answers.  I'm going to write mine in this usual text colour, and Lucky Nickel wants hers to be pink.  

1. What would your prefect day consist of?
I get to go first because I'm younger.  That's what we decided.  My perfect day is waking up by jumping on Claire's head.  I tried giving her goat kisses but the reaction isn't as interesting, so I went back to jumping.  Then I have bottles all day whenever I want.  I might go outside and run around in the yard too.  Then some more bottles.  A bit of hay.  Oh, then I'll jump on Claire's lap while she is studying, and leave little hoof bruises all over, just to show I was there.  Another bottle.  Then bedtime and jumping on the bed for a long time before I go to sleep.  And NO diapers.  I don't like them.  Pffft.
Well, for me, the perfect day is no work, no school, no studying, no dishes to be done, no laundry to be done, no deadlines, no stress.  A little gardening, spending time with the animals...
What about me?
Yes, yes, spending time with you too, Lucky Nickel.  Also some spinning time, and some quiet reflective time walking in the woods and listening to the call of nature.  A nice glass of wine with a nice dinner that I didn't have to cook for myself, and then a good book to curl up with.  And a goat on my lap.  

2. How would you describe yourself if you were an item of clothing?
Who needs clothing?  This is a silly question.  
Well Lucky Nickel, you said you wanted to help...
Alright, alright.  I would be a hat.  Because I like to jump on your head.  I think I would be a stunning hat.  You could walk around and people would say to you "Oh, where did you get that hat?" and you would smile and say "It was custom made for me you know" and they would look wistful and wander away.
Well, let me see.  I think I'd be a sort of multi-coloured flowing long skirt that is all different patterns and shades but they work well together, so it's very adaptable and comfortable, but also a little bit hard to pin down.  Maybe it's a little bit sparkly in some places too.  Did you just roll your eyes at me, Lucky Nickel?

3. What hobbies are you currently working on?
I'm working on several goat olympic events, including high jump, power jump, extreme jump, super jump, long jump, spinning jump, flip jump, just to name a few.  I'm very athletic.  
I'm spinning yarn from fleece when I have time.  I love gardening but I haven't much time for it right now.  So much time is taken up with studying.  
Yeah, I know, you're kind of boring like that.  
Lucky Nickel!  You take that back!  I'm working very hard and that helps with things like feed and fencing.  

4. Walking in the woods in wellies or bare foot on the beach?
Oh yes, I am a woods kind of goat.  That is where the best browsing is.  The sand might get between my hooves and that would be uncomfortable.  And I don't really look my best in a bikini.  
Neither do I, Lucky Nickel.  I'm a woods girl too.  I like to see the wildflowers and birds and animals and feel the peaceful hand of nature at work.  

5. Have you ever hugged or sang to a tree?
We goats frequently hug trees.  Here are Misky and Larke tree hugging, yesterday

I hug trees too.  And I sing in the woods sometimes, really softly, so I don't scare the animals.  
Remember last night, you sang me the goat lullaby to help me sleep.  
Yes, I did!  I'm glad you remember that.  It's called Rock-a-bye Goatie.  
It had trees in it too!  I guess you're OK at singing.  
Gee thanks.

6. Growing your own veggies or nipping to the supermarket?
I don't have to grow my own veggies.  Claire does that for me.  She's a good gardener.
Well I do try, when I have time.  I need to expand the raised beds.  But I do buy frozen veggies too.  

7. Have you found anyone exciting in your family tree?
Well my mom was named Puffin, and she was exciting and had a really big udder and would have been able to give me lots of milk, but a bad thing happened and she died after I came out.  So I don't know any more about my family than that.  I had a brother too but he's the one that caused her problems, so that's not exciting.
Well Lucky Nickel, your family story is rather sad, but you are part of the whole farm family, and that's exciting isn't it?  I mean, you are part of a big family of sheep and goats and llamas and chickens and geese and ducks and rabbits.  
Well, OK, yeah, that might be exciting.  Where is the tree?  
What tree?  
The tree with my family in it...duhhh....don't you remember the question?  
Oh, that's an expression.  A family "tree" is just a way to describe all your family members going back over time, and if you draw it on paper, it looks like a tree.  
Well that's a rip-off.  You can't hug a tree like that.  Or browse it.  Well, I do eat paper...

8. Slap up meal in a posh restaurant or fish 'n' chips from the wrapper?
Well, as you know, I eat pretty much anything, so it doesn't really matter where it is.  I do have a fondness for the twigs you brought in yesterday.  There should be a restaurant called "The Twiggery" for goats.  
Well, I do like a posh restaurant myself.  I'd rather eat out at nice restaurants less frequently than eat at chain-style restaurants more regularly.  I like to try new and different foods.  But nothing too spicy, and definitely no cumin, no curry, no chili peppers, and NO cilantro.  
You're so picky...

9. Which element do you most resonate with, Earth, Air, Fire or water?
I think I'm an air goat.  Sort of like Isobelle.  I like to be bouncing and flying and leaping.  But I do like to land on earth when I finish.  I'm not at all interested in fire.  No thank you.
Well, I'm an Aries.  I think that's a fire sign.  But I think I am an earth girl at heart.  Always happy with my hands in the dirt!  
I'm an Aries too.  That's why I'm so stubborn.  
Indeed.  We work well together!

10. Do you believe in fairies?
But who wouldn't?  They are all around us!  
I do believe they are, Lucky Nickel.  Be careful not to land on any of them when you're jumping.

So who are we going to pass this on to?  Isobelle!  No, no, she already did it!  Oh yeah. Well how about Pricilla?  Sure!  We will send it to her.  And I'll send it to Polly too!  And anyone else who wants to do it from my blog roll - feel free!!


Split Rock Ranch said...

Fabulous! Congrats on the award and I love both your answers!

Flartus said...

Claire (& Lucky Nickel), I love your answers! So creative, and fun and even informative. And colorful! You two seem to have a lot of fun together.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Ooh! Lucky Lucky Nickel! I'd like Claire to sing Rock-a-bye Goatie to ME! I guess I'll have to have my lady to that for me. She sings "Sweet Sarah the Buffalo Gal" to Sarah the horse ALL the time and it's very annoying! I like the idea of a Twiggery restaurant just for GOATS!

Millie said...

I'm so glad the award made its way to you so that I could come visit. Your Lucky Nickel is a very fine looking goat. He looks like he could belong to me. I hope Lucky Nickel gets long horns as nice as mine.

polly's path said...

fun answers! Loved Lucky's 2 cents.
And, thanks!

Mom L said...

I loved both your answers! Lucky Nickel, you sure have a great vocabulary for such a young, little goat! I'm just glad you jump on Claire instead of on me...Emma, who is a cat, jumps on me and leaves little paw bruises. I don't think I'd like hoof bruises!!

Nancy in Iowa