Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Wishes

Yesterday I had one of those funny hypothetical discussions with someone, about what one would wish for if one had three wishes.  The parameters required no "global wishes" such as world peace and cures for various dreadful diseases, which (hopefully) most of us would wish for if such things were possible.  These had to be wishes for oneself.  I thought, I pondered, and I imagined.  I came up with my first wish fairly quickly.  I wished that I could have a long, healthy life, and that I would eventually pass on quite painlessly and without great suffering.  To me, that was a reasonable wish, as far as wishes go.

I had to try a bit harder with my second wish.  I was initially stumped for a while...but I came up with the wish that at the end of my life, I wish that I will be able to look back without any regret.  I want to know that I made the best decisions I could, given the knowledge I had at any given time, and that I never threw away a worthy opportunity.  I wanted to feel that I'd lived life to the best of my ability, and that I'd learned from mistakes, rather than becoming bitter or frustrated by them.

So it came to the third wish.  I considered carefully....what else could I wish for, specifically for myself, that I really, really wanted?  After a while, what I really, really wanted was the ability to come up with a third wish!  In all seriousness, I couldn't really come up with one.  Sure, I could wish for a million dollars or a fancy car or a fully functioning fibre mill in my backyard.  But really....did I really wish for those things?  No.  Fancy cars are no more useful than my 2002 Jetta.  I don't want to be responsible for the upkeep of a fully functional fibre mill.  A million dollars would be great for setting up a sheep and goat sanctuary, but that's not "for me" as much as it is for them.  Anyway, having too much money brings people out of the woodwork who think they're entitled to some of it, and causes no end of heartache.

This led me to think about my life, and who I am, and brought me to the rather wonderful conclusion that I have all I need, or I have the ability to get what I need.  I do not really wish for anything more than what I have.  This was a sort of "epiphany" moment for me, because I don't really think very often in abstract terms of wishes that cannot be fulfilled.  More than anything, my inability to find a third wish helped me realize that I must be on the right track in life, that I could have the luxury of not really needing a third wish.

I've thought about it several times since the conversation, but I still can't come up with a good third wish.  I've toyed with frivolous ideas like a lifetime supply of key lime cheesecake, or aged gouda cheese, or even Bendick's Bittermints (a delicious British chocolate covered mint fondant confection).  I thought I was onto something when I decided to wish for a garden that always looked beautiful and took care of itself, but really, that takes away the joy of gardening.  The closest I've come so far is a house that cleans itself.  I'm not a natural house-cleaner.

So I take it out to you, my blog readers - what are your three wishes, for yourself, and only yourself?  What am I forgetting or missing?  Or do you, too, find it hard to think of wishes?


Anonymous said...

So wonderful! I agree it's hard to come up with those wishes. I think you've done an excellent job!


Millie said...

I wish for horns that don't wear away, peanuts and long happy lives for all my kids.

Michelle said...

Such a revealing post - and what it reveals about you is quite wonderful!

I would copy your first wish, and add to it forever lives for my animal friends, because it hurts me so very much to lose them. I would also like a horse that is personable, talented for dressage and forever sound, along with forever alive (see wish #2).

Terri said...

An eternally clean and organized house! Oh, would that make me happy, giving me more time to spend with my animals, gardens, and family!

Marigold said...

Well, actually I have pretty much all I need. However, I would wish for #1 Peanuts,#2 Peanuts, and , you guessed it #3 Peanuts. :)

Jane said...

I won't make a wish as I could never measure up to yours, which were very selfless,I thought all your choices were good. Blessings jane

texwisgirl said...

Health is a big one, for sure.

Wow - no regrets, no what-ifs. Wouldn't that be wonderful at the end of one's life? I think I'd wish for a free mind and a pure heart now so I could live whatever time I have left in mental peace - without anguish, anger, guilt, fear, resentment.

I would want all of my pets to be healthy and happy for as long as I had them because that would truly make MY life more full.

Thanks for a great post.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

My lady said that she likes you more than ever now! We love you, Claire! xxxx oooo

Mimi Foxmorton said...


See, I told you told you you were selfless........ ;)

I'm going to have to think a bit.
I know what my 'knee jerk' wishes are.......but when faced with the seriousness of the answer I guess you're I *really* want those things..........


Spinners End said...

Lovely Claire. I think I'd have to echo your first two wishes, and perhaps for my third wish I would wish to have more time at home to spend with my family and animal friends.

Green Griffin said...

Inspiring. I wish I could come up with three good wishes like that... oops, there goes one. Here's wishing I get at least the first two...wait... dope!

Flartus said...

I love hearing such positive things from you! Maybe your third wish should be that you never do feel the need for a third wish. I like your second wish; I do try to live my life that way. Instead of regrets, I see lessons. (Always the teacher, lol.)

My three...well, without too much pondering, I'd wish I could live in the moment more and worry less about the future. I'd wish Miss Chef and I live long and healthy lives together, neither leaving the other lonely or needy at the end. And, maybe my first wish would cover this, but I'd like to know that I'll always be financially stable enough to do the things I enjoy.

Guess I need to live a little more to get to your level, Claire. ;)

(Can you ask Lucky Nickel what her wishes would be?)

Sharon said...

Hi Claire, Just wanted to say "thanks" for the visit and the link :)
Have you been to Nova Scotia before? We came here from Calgary in December (never even visited before!)and we love it. Where in the Valley are you going to be? We are close to Annapolis Royal.
Got to go, I'm off to discover the rest of your blog :)

Leon said...

Being the curious and knowledge thirsty person that I am, I would wish to be a Time-Lord! Doctor Who for the none-nerds out there!) This way I could see all of the universe , past and present and be filled with all kinds of knowledge and answers!