Thursday, August 4, 2011

The New Goat Dating Game!!!

And now, for a special blog feature, we have 3 very interesting goat bachelors for all our goat girl readers.  These three sexy singles are anxious to meet some goat girls because Lucky Nickel is definitely NOT interested in any of them!  That means their warm, woolly hearts are open to you!  Now, don't all come visit at once - please make appointments!  Let's go now and meet our bachelor boys, shall we?!

Oh, um....boys....can you all wake up now please?!  It's time for your blog debut!

We'll give our boys a few minutes to get ready...they have just recently arrived from the Canadian province of New Brunswick and have been brought to the farm in Nova Scotia where they are sharing a barn with Miss Lucky Nickel.  Miss Nickel does not appreciate this arrangement, but she will learn to deal with it.  They are all full angora goats, 2 white wethers and the black badgerface is intact and will probably be used as a breeding buck someday in the distant future.  I think they're ready for their interviews now...

Bachelor Goat #1, what is your name please?
"Hi Ladies, my name is Westley, and I'm an angora goat.  I'm 3 months old and I'm totally ready for the goat dating world."
Well Bachelor Goat #2, how about your name?
"Oh, charmed to meet you, girls!  My name is Inigo Goatoya, you sheared my father, prepare to.... errr...wait...that's not it.  Well anyway, I'm Inigo and I am an angora goat, I think I might be 4 months old, and I'm what they call a "badgerface" because of my beautiful markings and my stunning fybur coat."
And Bachelor #3, please introduce yourself!
"Oh!  Um....hi!  I''m Fezzik.  My new lady calls my Fuzzypeg too.  Ummm...I'm very little."

OK, thank you bachelor goats, and maybe bachelor #3, you could speak up a little bit?  Now we're going to get into some interesting questions so the lady goats can learn a little more about you.  First, tell us about your ideal date with a doe, and we'll start again with bachelor goat #1.
"I think a day of fun in the sun is a nice first date.  We'd start in the barnyard with a little snack, go for a nice walk to see some of my favourite grazing and browsing spots, and eat some fresh raspberry canes for lunch.  I would like to show my lady goat the best that fine goat dining has to offer here in Nova Scotia."

Bachelor #2, your dream date?
I'm a very active goat.  I like to get physical!  I'd take my date on a woodpile climbing adventure, and then we'd do some afternoon yoga.  Hey....are you lookin' at my spare brain?

MOVING right along....goat bachelor #3?

Goat bachelor #3???

"Oh!  Um, me!  Right.  How  I'm not sure, I haven't been on a date before.  I'm only little!  Whatever she'd like to do I guess.  Maybe the library?"

Bachelor #1, what is your best feature?
"Certainly I have a lovely curly-whirly coat that drives the goat girls wild!"
Not to mention I also have a really nice rear view!
Wow!  Beat that, bachelor #2!
"Oh baby, I'm all about the rear view!  You know what I mean?!"
I'm also an excellent problem-solver and I can help you with anything you need!
And bachelor #3, what's your best feature?
"My best....welllll....probably my blue eyes, I think."

Well bachelor goats, I'm sure the ladies will love reading all about you.  Anything else to say?

Bachelor #1:  Well, I'm all about hanging out with the ladies, so I know you'll have a great time on your dates with me.

 Bachelor #2:  It's all about the beautiful fybur, ladies.  I'm your man!

Bachelor #3:  "Kisses."


Lisa said...

They are soooo handsome, but my girls would not be impressed with the horns. Darn.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Isobelle thinks they are all dishy but kind of likes Fezzik's shy smile. She says that she thinks his shiny curls might make her swoon a bit. She wants to wait to see what the boys look like when they grow up. She was a little shocked by Inigo's showing of his second brain! Hee hee hee

Texan said...

oh my gosh how adorable are they all but Fezzik with the blue eyes and so shy, how ADORABLE is he! ...umm should someone fill in the two white ones that they, um well the ladies may all prefer Inigo umm depending on the mood they are in when they visit? ROFL....

Pricilla said...

Hmmm, you are all very handsome but I love my studmuffin, Luke. Now that Abby has a bit of a wandering eye so who knows.

farmer said...

Love,Love,Love Angora goats! they are so beautiful!

Flartus said...

Claire, you are too funny! Love the personalities here...but Fezzik stole my heart from the beginning.

Of course Nickel isn't interested...those boys horns are smaller than her gorgeous beauties!

Mom L said...

Ooooooh, they are all beautiful!! They say they're looking for goat girls, but what about a beautiful Calico cat girl? I like the outdoors, and I like adventures. I also like to bring snakes home to my Mom. I'm sorry your Mom moved away from Iowa, because you're too far for me to visit now.

Emma the Beautiful Calico Queen

Tayet Silverspoon said...

Oh. My. Goat. I think I want to marry all 3 of them! I love the movie The Princess Bride. It's been one of my favorites since I was a lot younger! Fezzik is adorable and so tiny, but I think I have to go with bachelor goat #2, Inigo Goatoya. He's always been my favorite character. Thanks for the big laugh and cute goatie boys!

Nancy K. said...

Beautiful Angora Goats! I miss mine. They are the most photogenic creatures alive. ESPECIALLY the babies! Can't wait!!!

Louise said...

Oh, I'm in love with bachelor number 3. Fezzik is just the cutest, sweetest thing.

IowaSkye said...

their curly wool coats are so pretty and cute! have you considered getting a pyrenees dog for protection, since you have bears in the area? someone i met a long while ago in Colorado had 2, because they had some goats to protect and they were in an area that also has bears.

Marigold said...

Definitely Bachelor #2, what he lacks in the brain department, he makes up for in looks. Besides, it's all about the face stripes for me. I wonder why?

Christine said...

I love Fezzik!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh oh! I'll take bachelor #3. Too cute! And lovely kid mohair :-D.

Spinners End Farm said...

Oh my...does this mean there is a Buttercup in your future as well???


Linda said...