Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is MY apple tree!

With apologies for the photo quality (these were taken through the window), I present to you today's battle over the apple tree!  Miss Lucky Nickel is of course, annotating the photographs, with the occasional comment from Inigo, her newest nemesis.  Also note that the plastic bags in the pictures are bags of wood ash from the prior occupant, so kindly (??) left for us to clean up.  I've already redistributed the contents of about 25 of them, using them to fill uneven spots on the property!

Mmmmmmm...I do love my apple tree!  I especially like the apples, but the leaves are really good too.  Unfortunately, I have eaten most of the leaves that were easy to reach.  Wait a minute....who do you think you are...investigating my apple leaves?
YOU GET DOWN!  These are MY apples!
Now, where was I?  Oh yes, I was just trying to get this branch within.....HEY!!!
I told you to stay OFF!  These are MY apples!  Not YOUR apples.  Go maaa elsewhere.
Insufferable will just do some yoga stretches as I regain my position.
 And up we go....must pull the branch to the correct level....
Oooooh yes, look at all those lovely leaves!
Oh for maaaa-ing out loud!  Not you AGAIN!  And you're eating MY apple leaves!
 (after a few moments of scuffling...)

Hang on a did you....that's MY spot.  You don't stand up there!  I do!  Get down!
You're asking for it now!  You young goats just never listen.
OFF!  This is a goat pirate technique - walk the pile! I've had enough of you!
Meanie. Pbbbbtttt!
 (a short time later, Miss Nickel retired to the barn)

My turn now, the old hag's gone away!
I can see those leaves.  I just have to keep climbing!
Oh wait, how do I keep climbing here...? 
I can't quite reach.  Oh bother. 
Do the yoga inspire new plans for reaching apples.
HEY!  These are MY apples!
I can see we have some bad habits developing here!


Pricilla said...

I don't much like to share either but sometimes a goat must do what a goat must do

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Boy, do I want to go live up there and have control of that log pile! Inigo is kind of schmart isn't he? Tee hee hee hee. Is that Westly that is wandering around and showing us his little bum? Lucky Nickel DOES look perturbed! xoxoxo

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Yes Isobelle! That is little Westley's bum! He hasn't tried climbing on the logs yet, he's too small. I'm sure he'll try soon!

Flartus said...

Oh dear, won't Nickel be surprised when Inigo grows up! "For maaa-ing out loud!" made me giggle. :)

Texan said...

Oh how they love to fight over everything!

Marigold said...

Dear Lucky,
They will learn eventually. Maybe. Oh, for goats' sake. Sometimes they never learn. None of them are part Nubian are they?

The Chicken Keepers said...

Funny! I know how goaties love apple trees, they ate my mini apple trees bare!

Millie said...

It is such a pain to have to share with the little ones, but kids must be tolerated. You must wait until they grow up to really fight with them; otherwise, you look like a bully, Miss Lucky Nickel.

Louise said...

No instant love story here, I see.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

This post is hilarious. You did a great job. And the goats are looking a little thin there. I think their ribs are showing. No wonder those poor goats are fighting over apple leaves, they are starving.

Mimi Foxmorton said...