Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday's Hunt v 2.11

Holy guacamole, where does the week go?  It's Friday (already!), so that means it's time for Friday's Hunt, hosted by Eden Hills. As usual, there are 3 topics for today: Starts with K, Week's Favourite, and Yellow or Gold.

Starts with K
My husband, Marc, is a huge motorcycle fan, and he has a number of bikes, but one of his most frequently used bikes is his Kawasaki KLR.  I think that's a two-fer on the letter K!

The KLR model has come out in various colours over the years.  I'm fond of the silver and orange model that he has - I think it's a great colour combination.

He even has a handy pouch that attaches to the handlebars that has the KLR logo on it.

I am sometimes a passenger on this bike.  It's not the kind of bike that we'd do many thousands of miles on, but it works for day trips and I am usually pretty comfortable on the rear portion of the seat, thanks to the back rest.  Here I am on the bike today - not my usual spot (the back seat), and no, we don't ride motorcycles without helmets, nor do I wear my green garden boots.  We are very conscious of safety gear.  This was just for a blog picture!

Marc also pointed out to me that the bike had an extra "letter K" feature that I might otherwise miss - it has special tires on it that are referred to as "knobby" tires.  They are designed to provide added traction on loose surface material such as sand or gravel.

Week's Favourite
To be honest, I didn't take many pictures this week.  It was a busy week.  Marc took vacation this week so that he could work on his garage project.  I was busy with some work projects and also some organizing projects.  I'm also trying to get prepared for vending at the Nova Scotia Fibre Festival in October, so it's just a busy time.  It means I haven't been visiting other blogs as much as I'd like, but sometimes that's just how it goes.

My favourite shot this week is one that I took of Fezzik the Goat in his new surroundings.  He seems to be fitting in really well and is comfortable in the woodsy setting.  He has such a confident, strong look these days.  It's such a contrast from his early days as a weak, health-compromised little goat kid.  I am so glad he made it through those hard times.  If you want to keep up with Fezzik and his news, "like" his Facebook page!

Yellow or Gold
The season change is just around the corner - autumn is rapidly asserting her presence.  Of course, the leaves begin their changes with beautiful shades of yellow and gold, so that was a natural choice for this week's category.  I'm noticing a few more yellow tones in the woods surrounding the house lately - both leaves and late flowers.  The goldenrod is still in bloom.

There are abundant blooms from the hawkweed in the lawn.  It is one of the Hieracium species, but I'm not sure which one.  There are so many species of this plant!

The birch have been dropping some yellow leaves, as have the maples.

There are even golden-yellow mushrooms to be found, although some might argue this one is venturing into "orange" territory, rather than yellow or gold!

See you again next week for Friday's Hunt!


Tom said...

"K" check, fuzzy favorite check and yellow and gold under control. GREAT job!

Jim said...

Hi Claire. I like the bike, a lot. If Hubby hollers to you, "Hang on!", do you know what that means. When Mrs. Jim was first riding with me, before we got married, I told her that. Nex, real soon, was a high flying up-and-over mogul jump. U yes, she did hang on. I still have my license endorsement for motorcycle riding but I haven't ridden for a long time. My bike was a Honda CB450. In the Army I had a Vespa scooter. I talk about getting another of those. Or two, one for Mrs. Jim.
Oh yes, though I haven't seen a yellow mushroom, your find is pretty. Good picture also.

Jim said...

Do you live in Nova Sctia? I had thought you lived inland. We visited Halifax this spring while on our Princess cruise.

Michelle said...

Lovely golden subjects!

Margaret Adamson said...

Your husband's bike fabulous and your goat must have beed a llovely KID even through not too healthy then but looking freat now. All the yellow flowers and leaves are good for the meme. I hope you will pop in and see mine collections of shot this week so have a lovely week ahead

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Fun choices. I enjoyed reading your post today.

Patty Woodland said...

It's so lovely to see Fezzy so happy. My hubby has motorcycles as well. I could do without them personally. heh

Veralynne Malone said...

Great to see Fezzy getting along. Looks like he is loving his new place! Motorcycles look cool, but they terrify me....and love the yellow flowers and the yellow-gold mushroom. Looks like you got everything covered!!! Have a great week!

Jennifer Gerhart said...

Fezzik is a handsome guy! I went to his page to follow along. Your yellow pictures are really showing fall is right around the corner!

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Marc are safety conscious with the bike. After my son's accident, I worry. Fezzik looks great! I would love to feel him. He looks so soft with those curls. The goldenrod is beautiful. We're just starting to get hints of fall. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!