Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Parents' Garden: The Avian Report

As I mentioned in my last blog, I wanted to write about the various birds in my parents' garden that were visiting when I was there last Saturday.  They have some of the same bird visitors that I have, but also some different ones.  While I was there, the garden had a lot of bird activity.

The ruby-throated hummingbirds visit a lot, and I had trouble getting good shots of them.  They move so quickly.  Sometimes, they sit on the laundry line and keep a beady eye on me.

I can almost hear this one saying "Are you taking my picture AGAIN?"

The tube feeder is always busy.  There are goldfinches, various sparrow species, and also finches.  The female purple finch is a frequent visitor.  She's on the bottom left.  The bottom right is, I believe, the song sparrow.  That dark spot in the central chest is indicative of the Eastern variant.

I thought this was a funny shot - I'm not sure but I think it's the finch - she looks like she's pretending to be an owl!  It wasn't cold that day, so I'm not sure why she's all puffed up.

 That finch was there for almost all the time I was there - several hours!

The activity was really high at the bird bath.  My parents get starlings visiting a lot - typical for a more urban setting I suppose.  I never see starlings at my new home.  (I'm not complaining!)  Still, their antics at the bird bath are really amusing.  My Dad says they empty the birdbath quite often with all their splashing.  Here are some shots of bath time!

They really throw the water around!

Then, all of a sudden, "large bird" bath time was over, and "small bird" bath time commenced.  I liked this shot of the large starling and the small female goldfinch eyeing each other over the bath.

Do I have to go?  Really?

Yes, you've had your turn.  Now it's our turn.

And so began the time for small birds to drink the starlings' bath water.  Ewww...

The little finch reminded me of those cast cement birds that are on the sides of some bird baths - her colouring fits right in with the cement.

I think she might have been posing, just for me!

Finally, I had some better luck with shots of the hummingbird.  My parents have a lovely metal arch upon which a clematis is growing.  It made a lovely setting for the hummingbird feeder and they seem to enjoy spending time there.

This female looks all around before starting to drink.

 Upon her satisfaction that the time is right, she has a very long drink.

I was so glad that I managed to take some good pictures of her at their feeder.

Such a lovely day to visit the garden.  Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday!  Come back and visit tomorrow for Friday's Hunt!


Beth Donovan said...

I have trouble getting photos of hummingbirds - yours are great! I love the bird bath photos, too. Maybe next spring I'll get a birdbath, looks like it would be fun watching them!

Thank you for sharing your bird photos!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Great pictures, is always fun trying to get good pictures of hummingbirds.