Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bunday Blog Business

The female hoomin bean (FHB) was away this weekend - seriously, almost all of it.  She was at someplace called a fibre retreat and she took the wheel thing and the yarn things and the sticks for playing with yarn and she just left, without me, and didn't come back for two and a half days.  I do NOT approve of this sort of thing.  Of course, the male hoomin bean (MHB) fed me and took care of me and gave me proper attention, but it is the duty of the FHB to wait upon my needs at all times, and I did not give her any authorization to go away for any length of time.  I swear, I get no respect around here.

Fortunately, the MHB eats a lot of bananas, and that is a very good thing, because I am a big fan of all parts of the banana.  When the MHB eats his banana, I invariably get treats, which is as it should be.  He does have the bad habit of making me stand up for my banana treats, and really I should get them when I'm lying down, because I deserve to be waited upon, but I get so excited about the banana that I can't help it.

I am also very helpful with the FHB when she has crackers and cheese, or toast, and she leaves crumbs on her plate.  I assist with the washing up, by ensuring that there are no remaining crumbs.

For some reason, she has called me "over anxious" about getting to the crumbs.  I am not over anxious.  I am dedicated.

Of course, with the FHB away, and the MHB being my main source of interaction, I had to seek out back-up sources.  This means....yes, that silly looking furball in the picture below (no, I'm not talking about the wooden duck), was the target of my affections this weekend.  I'm sure glad that the FHB is home again, because Mitten was not my idea of a good companion.

Next weekend things should be back to normal, thank goodness.  Disruptions in my routine are definitely not welcome.  I almost forgot to keep my ears clean.  I hope you haven't forgotten...


Lin said...

Sheesh. Some people do not appreciate a good helper!

porkpal said...

I think we are due a detailed tutorial on ear cleaning since it seems to be a critically important requisite of bunnydom.