Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bunday Blog Business

It's me, Pippin!  Today, we are going to talk about an important subject.  Well, I only ever talk about important subjects, but today the subject is sharing.  We have to talk about this because I need my fellow rabbits to understand that sometimes, sharing is the route of least resistance.

Buns and Bunettes, I'm talking about your potential roommate, the cat.  Do you have one?  Here is a little flow chart I made to help you figure out if you have a cat.  There may be exceptions to these rules, but this is a general approach.

I'm still doing a little research on the squirrel part of the chart.  But basically, you should be able to figure out if you have a cat.  If it's not a cat, more research may be needed.

So if you have a cat, as I do (and really, what were the hoomin beans thinking when they got that thing?), you have to deal with the potential matter of sharing.  First of all, there may be fun toys laying around the house.  Some of them might be full of little bits of green stuff that smells nice and herbal.  I'm telling you, the cat gets really weird around the herbal stuff.  Only play with the toys when the cat is not in the vicinity.  I think they might hallucinate a bit with that green stuff.  But it tastes good and it won't make you hallucinate, so no worries there.

Some cats, like mine, think they need your hay.  I know, I're going to tell me that cats don't eat hay and they're not ruminants and all that, which is totally correct.  But here's the thing. Cats are kind of stupid.  If you have something, they think they want it, whether they really want it or not.

So here I am, all comfy in my hay feeder, chowing down on the latest batch of fresh hay.  And who's sitting there staring at me?  Yep, the cat.  He freaks me out, but I just go about my business, because I'm all about the business of eating hay.

So then you see how he's leaning in there?  All kind of nonchalant, like he thinks I don't see him ogling my hay.

I turn around for one second!  One second, to check my tail is still attached, as you do, and then he's into it.  He's taking my hay.

Then look at him!  He's totally giving me the hairy eyeball.  I see the look on his face...what the heck am I doing in his hay feeder?  The nerve!  It's MY hay feeder.  So I leave a few poops in the litter box, and go watch from across the room.

He's not deterred by poops....see him licking his chops?

And there you have it folks, the hay-eating cat.  Look at those fangs!

The point is, my fellow just have to let it be.  It's better to let the stupid cat have a few pieces of hay, which he just chews on like it's a piece of rawhide or something, and later he spits it out and plays with it on the floor.  Share the hay and you'll avoid getting a swat.  Besides, maybe the cat won't be watching so you can go eat the green stuff in his cat toy.

Don't sweat the small stuff.  Lay on your rug, chill out, and know that you, my furry friend, will get the majority of that hay, and the cat will probably throw it up in a hairball later.  Then who gets the lovin' from the hoomin beans?  Yep, all yours.  See you next week, and keep cleaning those ears!


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

I have been your blog reader for a very long time.Years ...actually! I read when it was other names! I love reading it. Your writing is so entertaining! Love the bird pics so much I went out and bought binoculars. That way I can set on my deck and bird watch. Have you ever considered writing books? Children's books grands would love reading about your fur babies! I hardly comment on blogs. I am more of a guess. Anyway, good job! Have an excellent week! Karen

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Hi to Pippin! Have a good week funny Bunny!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Must. Resist. Cute. Bunny.