Sunday, June 25, 2017

Friday's Hunt 3.25 (late!)

I'm late on Friday's Hunt today because I have been busy enjoying a visit from my parents on their way back from a holiday in Prince Edward Island.  However, I'm taking a few minutes to get this written with some pictures I took on our walk in the Sackville Waterfowl Park this morning.  It was such a lovely day for the walk and we saw lots of birds and other wildlife.

Our prompts from Eden Hills this week are:  Starts with Y, Week's Favourite, and Splash.

Starts with Y
Today I have a series of "Y is for yellow" photographs from our waterfowl park walk.  Here is a male mallard - he has a lovely yellow bill.

I also saw this dragonfly - I haven't had time to look up the species yet - but it has an interesting yellow triangle on its back.  I hope that will make it easy to identify.

This beautiful male ring-necked duck has a lovely yellow eye.

Bonus - not from the waterfowl park, but from the pile of sawdust on our driveway yesterday afternoon...this lovely yellow swallowtail butterfly.

Week's Favourite
I think my favourite picture today is this mother duck with her family of little ones.  They're probably considered "adolescents" now - they still have some down but they are quite big and growing fast.

There were lots of ducks splashing around in the water today but I didn't get any really good pictures of them splashing.  This one is about the best of the bunch - they were far away.  You can still see some water droplets spraying off the duck's wings.

We also saw lots of tiny fish in the water.  Sometimes when the ducks came close, they would be disturbed and would make little splashes on the water's surface.  I didn't get a picture of the splashing, but here are the little fish.


Suzanne McClendon said...

The butterfly and dragonfly are great photos, but my absolute favorite is the mallard. It was the first duck that I learned to identify in elementary school and I've always thought it was a beautiful creature. :)

Have a blessed day.

Tom said...

...Claire, it's hard to beat nature, wonderful shots!

Anonymous said...

Great how the shadows of the wings of the dragonfly came out! The next with the ducks is so cute! Oh and you commented on the squirrel I posted, that one we saw in Yosemite Nat. park. The ones around my house are a light grey, quite pretty, but some are a little aggressive. Now you mentioned the moulting, I never realized it, so now am going to look for it! Thanks for your visit;)

Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful! Nice that you got to visit with your parents while they were passing through. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great rest of your week!

Gattina said...

The dragonfly is not so my thing, but your photo is great ! I love the beautiful colors of the mallard and of course love butterflies !

porkpal said...

Wonderful photos!