Sunday, August 27, 2017

Friday's Hunt v. 4.08

I had a lovely visit from my parents for the past 3 days, so I didn't get around to doing Friday's Hunt on Friday, as I prefer to do.  However, I'm still doing it before the deadline.  I have had a busy week and anticipate another busy one ahead, which has limited my ability to visit other blogs and to do my usual comments on other Friday's Hunt participant blogs.  I will try to catch up soon!

Today's prompts from Eden Hills are:  Starts with H, Simple and Green.

Starts with H
Marc found a shed snake skin on the pile of barn boards that he is using in his garage project.  I decided that the skin looks like a husk of a snake.  Husk usually only applies to the outer covering of fruits or seeds, but I am using a little poetic license and applying it to this outer snake covering! It is most likely from a garter snake - the only kind we usually see around here.

I think most of us could use a few more simple pleasures in life, and focus a little more on the things that really matter.  It is difficult for me not to get all wrapped up in my work and my other responsibilities and not take time to just be, and enjoy the moment.  This weekend I enjoyed many moments on my parents' visit - just experiencing the simple joy of their company.

We had a lovely walk in the local waterfowl park, and here is my mom smiling with delight as we went on a simple walk in the park with my parents' dog, Bella.  Bonus points - my mom is wearing a green sweater and Bella has a green collar!

Here's another simple delight - watching young ducklings (late in the season!) zooming around on the pond at high speed.  They looked like little motorboats - look at that wake!

Although the leaves are just starting to turn colour around here, there is plenty of green still visible. On our walk in the park, I took this photograph of a sleeping duck surrounded by a whole cast of different shades of green, including the greens reflected in the water.

Finally, here is the pale green seedpod of the wild cucumber vine (Echinocystis lobata).


Ralph said...

Wow, a snake skin / husk is a great find - I don't think we have any snakes in our yard, but this is a cool find! Your mum and Bella look so nice - the camera does not lie! Given the name of your blog, it is nice to see the trio of quackers in your neighborhood...Have a great (if busy) week!

Tom said...

...glad to hear that you are a busy soul. I'm not sure about husk for "H", seems like a stretch to me. Lots of nice greens, they say that Menominee of Wisconsin made a bitter extract from the roots of Echinocystis for use as a love potion! Have you ever given it a try?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had the chance to relax this weekend. You've been very busy lately. It looks like a great park for walking and taking it easy. Those little ducks must have really been moving to leave a wake like that. Love your poetic license. I always enjoy it when I find a snake husk. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

Jim said...

This is a very nice post, Claire. I am glad that you got to enjoy your mom. Be sure to have these visits regularly, there will be a day when that won't be. Both my parents and Mrs. Jim's have departed. I like the place where you walks, those elevated walkways through a thick forest are the greatest. They make for nice parks.
Oh yes, with Harvey here we were busy all week too. But we kept electricity and we were fortunate for the large holding pond at the end of our street (I've pictured that in my walk pictures). It was nearly full of water though.