Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A barn! A barn! We have a barn!!

I am really pleased and excited to say that finally, after more than a year of needing one, we finally have a barn for Lucky Nickel, Tucker, and Twilight.

I am so relieved that this winter they will have a proper structure to shelter in, rather than my little hoop house made of a cattle panel and a tarp!  The guys who built the chicken coop for me were able to put this up over 3 days.  Now we are just waiting for the roof panels to come in, which should be in the next few days.

The barn is made from rough-cut lumber, which is ideal for an outdoor building and is very sturdy.  It is 10 feet square and has two very sturdy doors which lead to each compartment.

One side is for Lucky Nickel, who insists on bashing everything with her horns and generally intimidating the sheep. The other side is for Tucker and Twilight, who are calm and peaceful and just want to be left alone to eat their hay in peace.

The barn has two lovely windows (on the sheep side) which are 3 by 3 feet, and 4 by 3 feet.  They open and have screens, which makes for great ventilation.

Because they were low enough for Lucky Nickel to reach when she is on her hind legs, the builders put a cattle panel piece over the outside of them, and some boards on the inside, so she cannot break the glass with her horns.  It is very difficult to find cattle panels around here, so I am glad I had one for this purpose.  The other one will probably become part of my garden set up.

Each compartment has a hay feeder area that was also made with cattle panel pieces.

One for the sheep...

...and one for her highness.

Nickel's is smaller than the one for the sheep, because she is a little portly and there is only one of her, whereas there are two sheep and they need to put some weight on.  Now, they will be able to eat without Nickel constantly charging at them and chasing them around. Do not let this innocent face fool you - she can be a bully!

I have enclosed the critters in the barn tonight as a test to see if Nickel will try to jump over the centre wall.  I hope she won't.  If she does, some additional boards will need to go up.  For now, the sheep are eating peacefully...although somebody is trying to see if the hay is greener on the other side of the wall.

 What if they have better hay than mine?

In her younger days, she would have been up on that middle wall like a shot, and over onto the other side.  These days, she's not quite so agile.  She is 7, after all!

Munch munch munch.

I went outside and looked back through the window.  I can see she's thinking about whether she can make the leap.

Everybody's in their place for the night!  And I will sleep much better this winter knowing that they are safe and cozy every time we have a big snowstorm.

My next objective will be some decorating.  I haven't decided if I will do name boards on the doors, or a 'barn quilt' decoration for each door, or what.  It will be fun to get creative with it.  I'll update when the roof goes on.


angela said...

Looks wonderful! I have barn envy.
We don't get snow here in winter. But we do get mighty cold nights. As lost a lamb just a few days ago due to cold winds coming off the South Pole!
I guess we need some sort of shelter for them on this extreme winter blasts
Might show my hubby your wonderful barn

Patty Woodland said...

That is very exciting for all of the animals and humans

Anonymous said...

How very awesome! The sheep really do look like they appreciate it. Lucky Nickel kills me. She is just too funny.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

What a great little barn, they will be so cozy this winter!

porkpal said...

That's such a cute and practical little barn! I vote for the barn quilt option.

Anonymous said...

Congrats with the bran! When I saw the separating wall, I immediately know there was "a reason!" Do you need to put a roof on of wood for the winter ?(I remember your snow stories of last winter:):)
Sorry haven't been here in a while, but since my 10 x 17 feet is largely done, I've come back to normal life.

Lin said...

Oh my gosh! That is so cute! AND functional!! It will be so nice to know that they are protected from the elements.

Hope the separation helps everyone get along better. That little stinker!