Saturday, September 23, 2017

Friday's Hunt v. 4.12

I don't think I did very well with this week's prompts.  Just wasn't feeling too creative I suppose. Sometimes my brain doesn't want to translate the prompts into fun and exciting pictures!  Still, I gave it a shot, so here we go with:  Starts with L, Landscape, and Key.

Starts with L
Little starts with L.  We acquired two new chickens for the flock this week, and they are really little birds.  Although they are fully grown, they are about the size of a pigeon, maybe a bit smaller. They are two serama hens.  The serama breed of chicken is wildly popular in Malaysia, where they hold beauty contests for them on a regular basis.  The light coloured one is named Cream and the dark coloured one is named Jellybelly.  I decided to keep the names they came with.

Jellybelly is in the classic serama pose with the tail straight up and the wings tilted down.

Cream is very friendly and will even sit on my shoulder.  This gives you an idea of how little she is.

I had to go to Nova Scotia today to do some clean-up at my property there, which is up for sale, but I'm moving the rest of my stuff out of it on Monday.  I intended to take a landscape picture there, but I forgot.  At home, it's trees everywhere!  So I decided to try miniature landscapes.  I took a mushroom landscape and a moss landscape.  These are landscapes from the squirrel's eye view!  See the bird feather?

This is the wire gate on my goat and sheep enclosure.  The rebar is attached to the wire and it slips into 3 large hooks that are in the tree trunk - you can only see one of the hooks in this picture.  The "key" is the bungee cord, which keeps it firmly closed just in case some goat gets an idea about how to open it!


Ralph said...

Your chickens are lovely ladies - small in stature bur large in beauty! Your other home has lots of mushrooms, as do we in our suburban abode. How they got there and why there are so many remains a mystery - nature confounds sometimes! Glad the goats must stay in their enclosure, and they will never figure out the key/lock for their escape. At least we hope so...

porkpal said...

I like the picture of the shoulder-perching hen; she looks totally content.

And, yes, I saw the feather.

Tom said...

...I've been hiking in the woods this weekend and have lots of 'mini landscapes' like yours.

Gattina said...

I wished I had some chicken, but they are not allowed here, "residential area" sigh !