Saturday, September 2, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 4.09

I've been busy with a short term new work contract, so I didn't have time to get to Friday's hunt yesterday.  I am doing it on Saturday instead, which seems to be par for the course these days, although it's a bit better than doing it on Sunday.

The prompts from Eden Hills for this week are:  Starts with I, bowl, and desire.

Starts with I
Izzy starts with I.  That is our outdoor cat's name.  She has trouble with consistent use of the litter box, so that is why she is our outdoor cat.  She likes to perch on Marc's snowmobile, which has the "Arctic Cat" logo on the cover.  I don't think she would do very well in the Arctic!

Ah, bowls!  Teresa unwittingly picked one of my favourite topics this week.  I am a tremendous fan of all sorts of different bowls.  Truth be told, I prefer my meals in a bowl, rather than on a plate.  I have no idea why that is the case.  However, you can see from my dish cupboard that I have more bowls than plates.

I like bowls of all different sizes.  I use a lot of ramekins, which are little bowls, for things like ice cream or bed-time cereal snacks.  The blue ones are Emile Henry and they are oven safe.  I bought those while living in Iowa.  The golden ones are Paderno (made in PEI) and the green ones came from World Market in Kansas City.  I forget where the white ones came from.

This is my favourite bowl for supper.  It is a shallow bowl, and works very well for pasta dishes or anything with gravy or sauce.  I love the pattern around the edge.  I bought four of these bowls when I was attending the 2-year Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner course in Toronto, back in 1999 or 2000.  I used to have to go past a shop called "Kitchen Stuff Plus" on Yonge Street in Toronto.  I looked it up on the web tonight, and it's still there!  I loved that shop!

I have some lovely triangular green bowls that I also bought there in 2 sizes.  You can see them on the top shelf of my cupboard picture, at the right.  Here is the leaf pattern on them.  I also got triangular plates that match.  I've had that set for ages and I still love it.  The lime green bowl is a more recent purchase.

These interesting bowls with the spiral design in them are a favourite for soup.  I think I bought these at Crate and Barrel in Chicago.

In particular, I seem to be drawn to bowls with fish and ocean themes.  This little set of three fish bowls are just perfect for veggie sticks or other snacks for guests.  They're really cute!

 Then I have these fish and seaweed themed bowls...which I could not resist.  Coldwater Creek sold them, when it still existed, when I lived in Iowa.

I also have this very large bowl with hand-painted fish on it.  This is in my guest bedroom.  I love the colours in it.

 Of course, it is also important to have good mixing bowls in one's kitchen.  Depending upon my mood and the requirements, I either use this set of colourful mixing bowls...

...or this heavy stoneware set of pastel pink bowls.

So yes, I think you could say I am a little bit bowl-crazy, but there is something so inviting about their round, open shape, and they can hold so many delights!

Obviously, I desire more bowls.  I didn't know what to show as a picture for this topic.  I thought about what I desire....

I desire a little more time to knit and spin and weave and enjoy my passion for fibre arts.  I just don't have enough time for that lately.

I desire a kinder, more peaceful world, less divided by things like politics and religion.  I wish we didn't have either one of those things in this world - they are both the root of much suffering and I believe we'd be better off without them, and with more acceptance and tolerance and love.

I desire ice cream, in many different flavours.  In bowls.

I desire a great-tasting pasta without calories.

I desire a long and happy life with Marc and my critters and my gardens, and the gift of good vision and use of my hands so I can create things.

I desire more time with my parents, and wish I had more time to visit with them.

I desire more time to spend watching the birds, walking in the woods, and feeling the wind in my hair and on my skin.

I desire fewer mosquitoes.

I desire a world where everyone can find their passion and make a living from it and inspire others with what they do.

I desire a bit more ice cream.

I desire more yarn, but I try to keep that desire under control.

Most of all, I desire the knowledge that I have made a difference in this world in my lifetime - that I have put a smile on someone's face, that I have given of myself when I could see that it was needed, and that somehow I have made the world a better place than it would otherwise have been.  If everybody had that desire, and lived it out, this world would be a far better place.


Michelle said...

I loved reading your desires, Claire, and I think that daylily is a lovely period at the end.

Kathryn said...

Hi, Izzy!
She makes me miss Zooner who is living in Kansas City for the summer. I'll pick him up in a couple of weeks when I move back to Des Moines.
Claire, I love your bowls! Of course, you desire more.

porkpal said...

A great Hunt, fun to read. There is definitely something about a bowl that plates just lack - character, friendliness, "holdability" - something.

I also find your desires admirable - mostly. The ice cream and pasta ones are surly universal if not necessarily admirable.

The cat on the cat is clever too.

Jim said...

I'm liking your list of desires, Claire. I would like a bit of those items as well. Don't know how much I like 'bowls' as I like them best with Ice Cream filled to the top. I bought the Mrs. (and for us to use) set of bowls, much like your little green bowl. Mine are all of a different color, eight at $1.00 each from the shelf at WalMart. We use them every night at bedtime for a little Ice Cream snack.

Jim said...

I'll start with Izzy, Claire. I believe a lot of "outside cats" begin life inside but then they can't control themselves from being naughty and OUT THEY GO!!! Our Farah, full name Farrah Faucet Minew, started her life inside but very soon went outside when she wouldn't stop climbing the sheers. She was the nicest cat, even outside. Slept in the flower bed by the garage, died there too.
I like your bowl collection, I like bowls. Best of all when they're filled with chocolate ice cream. I bought Mrs. Jim eight bowls pretty much like your little green one. They were all of different colors and only cost $1.00 each at WalMart. Our granddaughter dropped one and it broke.

Janice Adcock said...

Beautiful bowls of all sorts and all places. Izzy looks content to just sit on the Artic cat. If like my previous cats she would run as soon as the motor starts.

Tom said...

...Claire, I like your two cats and you bowl me over! There is something comforting about a bowl. What a wonderful desire!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you can have a bowl store - you have so many! I have the same with cups. My favorite is with the design of blue fish! I still have to put up my choices for Fri Hunt. Thanks for coming by this week!

Gattina said...

Beautiful bowls you have ! I like bowls they are so practical !

Anonymous said...

Izzy looks quite content outside. I loved seeing your interesting assortment of bowls. I would not have guessed bowls were a passion of yours. I loved reading your desires. You certainly have given me many smiles over the years I've known you. (And I think you should move back to Iowa since I now have so many fiber animals and don't know what to do with the fiber). Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Sorry to be so late in visiting.

Patti said...

I love your bowl collection! Thanks for sharing, so many different kinds! Those triangular ones are a great color, and who doesn't love a leaf pattern ? Ramekins are nice, too. I think I need more. And ALWAYS more ice cream! We share many of the same desires, enjoyed your list and learning more about you. Beautiful daylily! I LOVE a kitchen store, thanks for reminding me--I need to check the dates of the annual September sale at our locally-owned Kitchen Barn. They usually send a postcard, but I haven't seen one yet.