Sunday, October 8, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 4.14

I've had a lovely visit from my parents this weekend and nearly forgot to blog Friday's Hunt.

Super quick - only 10 minutes to the deadline!

Starts with N
Totally lost on N and I only have a few minutes.  New starts with N.  Here is a new house I crocheted for our pet rats this week.  They seem to love it.  In a way, it is kind of like a nest.

I took a picture of a lovely sky earlier this week - the fall weather has been lovely and I enjoy the blue skies and the beautiful fall leaf colours.  In this shot you can just see some red maple leaves in the upper left. I like the little rainbow effect that happened as a result of taking the picture with the sun in it.  It's just an artifact of the camera - it wasn't in the sky.

I had trouble finding a good silhouette pictures, so I ended up doing a maple leaf silhouette in the evening sky last night. 


porkpal said...

I like the perfect rat nest - very clever. However, I wondered whether Nutkin was offended not to be featured in the N entry.

Lin said...

Did I know about your rats?? I don't think so! Do tell us more, please.