Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Weekend Roundup: D

This weekend's prompts from Tom the Backroads Traveller are: Starts with D, Details, and Favourite.

Starts with D
I recently acquired a new desk.  Until that point, I had been using the same Ikea desk that I received from my parents in 1982 as a new junior high school student.  It was a very well used and sturdy desk, but it was time for an upgrade.  Mostly, I wanted to upgrade because I wanted a sit-stand desk, which would help me introduce more movement into my day.  I did a lot of research on sit-stand desks and learned that the most frequent problem is with the motors that do the raising and lowering of the desk.  Thus, I decided to invest more significantly into a higher-priced desk with a strong warranty.  The basic warranty on the motors in the legs is 5 years, but I extended that to 7 years.  I figured it might be worth it, given that I will be raising and lowering the desk multiple times a day, pretty much every day of the week.  Here's my new desk shortly after it was delivered, with Pippin doing his usual auditing task to make sure all the parts are present.

There are quite a lot of sit-stand desk vendors in the USA, but most of those charge astronomical shipping rates to get their product to Canada, not to mention there would be the border duties as well, which can also be ridiculous.  I didn't want all those added costs, so I searched for a Canadian supplier.  Fortunately, I found Ergonofis of Montreal, Canada.  They make a range of sit-stand desks that are made with locally-harvested hardwood timber.  They're also a small business who stand by their product, and I liked their association with a tree-growing organization that replants trees on their behalf as they sell desks.  The desk ended up becoming a Christmas gift from my parents, which was a wonderful gift indeed, and will be useful for many, many years to come.

So, now I have the Ergonofis "Sway" model of sit-stand desk and I just love it.  I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I think it's great!  I still have the cupboard and drawer units from my old desk underneath because I haven't quite figured out where to put all the things from those units.  I'm trying to make some room on shelves in the home office. As you can see, it fits my many desktop items and accommodates my monitor arm with ease.

Here's a little detail I added to my new desk arrangement.  I purchased a cute little bear-shaped mug warmer to keep my coffee mug warm in the mornings.  It is powered by a USB plug into my computer.

Here's my mug warmer, on my desk, keeping the coffee warm in one of my favourite mugs.  It is designed to look like knitting on the surface. 


Lin said...

Ooooh, Happy New Desk!! I love how big it is--it looks like it holds a lot of things. I'm glad you found something you like. Let us know how you like it long term.

Tom said...

...well Claire, my deck is a hand-me-down from my son. It isn't great, but the price was right. I've read a lot about these sit-stand desks, no doubt a good idea, I sit way too long at my desk. This mug warmer makes me feel older than I really am, I've never seen one before. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again.

porkpal said...

Great looking desk! I also notice some sheeply artifacts in the background of the mug-warmer shots. Even though they don't begin with D, I'm curious about them.

Jim said...

That's a good looking desk, Claire. I didn't know there are ones other than the sterile looking metal framed ones. I have a coffee warmer, plain looking. At work I had a Beanie Baby Mouse that a k ways kept company with my computer mouse. I suppose it is packed away still, having another long nap.

Ralph said...

I like your desk! Lots of counter space which I often run out of, desk after desk...Like the USB cup warmer, ready to keep you going during a busy work day!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of a desk like that, but it looks like it would be great!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of a desk like that, but it looks like it would be great!