Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Weekend Roundup

Now that Eden Hills has passed the torch on a weekly blog link to Tom the Backroads Traveller, I will still try to participate, although it's tricky with my crazy busy life at the moment.  Today's blog is brief because I have a lot on the "to do" list at the moment!

This week's prompts from Tom are:  Starts with A, Week's Favourite, and Art.

Starts with A
Here's a picture of Twilight, my sheep, adorned with hay after getting into the new bale that I put out for them.  Perhaps she looks a little abashed?  But still adorable.

Week's Favourite
I didn't have time to take many pictures this week.  In fact, the only pictures I took were a few last Monday of a pheasant in my backyard, under the bird feeder.  This one is my favourite because you can see the action of the snow flying as he was digging for seeds.

I liked this painting of a cow, which I took a few weeks ago at the conference centre in Ottawa when I was there for a meeting.  I'm always fond of animal-themed art.


Tom said...

...hi Claire, thanks for your "A"wesome "A"nimal collection for "A" week! Just look at your "A"dorable sheep "A"dorned with hay. Pheasants "A"re "A"mong my favorites. Those cow eyes could melt you! I hope the you will "B" "B"ack for "B" week!

porkpal said...

I'm so glad that you are continuing your blog. Your animal entries are always a favorite with me.

Lin said...

I like the new look of the blog! And of course...your photos.