Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekend Roundup: N and O

I missed the Weekend Roundup blog last weekend because I did an extensive post on Epinette's battle with pneumonia last week.  She is still sneezing but we hope continuing to recover.

I'll catch up now with letters N and O.

I don't usually take pictures at night, and I kept forgetting to take one these past couple of weeks.  I remembered that back when I was learning how to use the camera, I took some pictures of the moon.  I don't remember the settings - I would need to study that again.  Here is a picture of the moon from September 16, 2016.  One of my relatively few night shots.

There is still snow on much of my yard.

I have one garden bed that is now uncovered, because it receives more sun than the others.  That garden bed has two patches of crocus that have come up, which make me very happy.  Spring is coming!  One of the crocus patches only has one flower.
I'm still happy to see it!

Starts with N
My parents visited this past week, which was a lovely treat.  My mother pointed out that I had what looked like a nest on my roof.  I thought it was just some old twigs that got stuck on the ice blocker strips.

On closer inspection, it turned out to be two nests!  I am sure that they are from last year and they just need to be removed, otherwise they will block the gutters.

I took this picture from the upstairs window looking down on them.

Starts with O
This is my black copper maran hen - her name is Onyx.  She lays the darkest egg of my flock.

During my parents' visit, we went to the waterfowl park - a favourite walking spot.  I took this picture of a male American Robin on the walk.  I think his mate was collecting nest materials so he was keeping an eye out while she was busy.  He followed along beside us for a while.  This shot has shadow on his wing but I still really like the picture.

Keeping with the bird theme, I was also really pleased with this recent shot of a purple finch who was visiting my feeders.  They are such vividly coloured birds.


porkpal said...

Great moon shot! Is it normal to still have snow in April there?
I am intrigued by the ice blocker strips. Perhaps when "S" comes up, you can tell us how they work.

Tom said...

...and here I was feeling sorry for myself with cold spring, but our snow for the most part is gone. I have a few crocus up, but that's all. What an unusual spot for a nest. Thanks for stopping by Claire, I hope to see you back again.

Jim said...

Hi Claire ~~ This is a really nice post, you made up good. I like your moon picture. My Sony pocket camera won't take them, thinks it is "red eye". I am glad your mom got to come. Is she from Iowa? Our birds are mating and nesting. There is a dove (I think) family that uses a nest up in a roof cranny over, this is year three for it.
I do like too, your Black Copper Maran Hen, Onyx is a great name for her.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Nice shots, especially the moon. Glad your bunny is still hanging in there!

Lin said...

I love Spring flowers like crocus or snowdrops. They give me hope--that we can survive (and BLOOM!) in spite of adverse conditions.

I have a feeling that whoever made the nests will be back again this year too. I think birds do that.

vesselsmemories said...

I just love your black copper maran hen, Onyex! She's beautiful. I missed the "O" round up this week, although I did post it to m blog...I just forgot to link it up. Love the moon shot, too.

Ralph said...

Love that Orb of a clear moon! Onyx is a beautiful girl - her name is a wonderful 'O'. It is amazing that without engineering degrees, they make such wonderfully designed nests!