Sunday, July 8, 2018

Garden Update: Things are Blooming

The garden has made great strides now that the warmth of summer has finally arrived.  With frosts into mid-June this year, it was a slow start, but I am so pleased to see things progressing.

The roses began to bloom this week.  I have four roses, although I'm not entirely sure what they are, since I didn't plant them.  They were here when we bought the house.  There are two climbing roses - a red one and a pink one.  There are two shrub roses - a red one and a yellow one. There were five rose tags in the detached garage when we bought the house.  One for a white rose (which I can only assume didn't survive), two for yellow roses, and two for pink.  One of the tags is for Therese Bugnet shrub rose, which has also presumably not survived, since there is no pink shrub rose and Therese Bugnet is a lovely medium pink - nothing approaching that shade here.

The other pink tag is for a John Cabot rose, which is a climber.  Given its description  and other pictures of it that I've found online, I believe it is this pink climber in today's photo below.

That leaves me with two yellow rose tags and one yellow shrub rose.  However, both the tags (Charlotte Brownell and Dr. Brownell roses) are for double blooming yellow roses, and the blooms I see online are much larger than mine, so I don't think either of them belong.  In any case, here's the yellow one blooming now.

The red climbing rose has its blooms in large clusters, and it is an abundant bloomer.  I wish I knew what variety it is.  Here you can see it with the mallow in the front and the pink climber in the background.

The red shrub rose was hit hard this past winter and I thought it was dead.  It's just coming back but it hasn't come close to blooming yet.

The foxgloves (which were also here before me) are just glorious.

There are numerous colours including this pretty apricot shade:

There are pale pink flowers that are almost white, with pale pink patterning inside.

There are the classic magenta blooms with white-edged pink patterning inside.

Then, there are some that are magenta with pink patterning but the edging of the spots is a peachy-yellow tone.

There are white ones with darker pink spots inside.

 I am just captivated by them all!

The day lilies also began blooming this weekend.  It is wonderful to see all the colour in the garden once again.  This is the classic Stella d'oro day lily.

This one is a sort of lemon yellow but I don't know its name.

Some flowers are, remarkably, already over.  The red poppies came and went so quickly.

The weigela is also over, but the bees loved it while it lasted.  There were tags for two different weigela in the garage with the rose tags.  One was for "red prince" but I haven't seen that one so I think it's gone.  The other tag is for Weigela "minuet" which is, I think, the one I have.  It is noted for its dwarf size, and both of mine are certainly quite small.  The flowers are the right colour as well.

I hope to have time to do an update on the veggie garden soon.


Michelle said...

Nice to have some tags for hints, at least. Lots of beautiful color there now!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful! Love that you still have some tags.

porkpal said...

A lovely reward for surviving a long winter!