Wednesday, December 23, 2009 flowing like a....(raging white water) river....

At this time of year, I am abruptly and rather unpleasantly reminded that most of the time, I try to do too much and I am entirely too busy.  Being in school part-time is always a challenge.  I have four semesters left (which translates into one year and 4 months) and I really can't wait for that to be finished.  Working full time in a very busy and sometimes stressful job is another challenge.  Doing both at the same time, while also having a small farm is probably a sign of pending insanity.  Let's add in a few other things for fun, shall we?  Like...trying to keep spinning yarns for my Etsy store, taking care of a friend's 2 dogs for 3 weeks while he is in France (one of whom has decided my basement is her toilet), taking an exercise class once a week, trying to feed myself in a healthy way, sleeping, a bit of laundry, and the extremely occasional bit of housework, and it's like having a load of bricks dumped on your head.

All of this is why, unfortunately, I have done essentially nothing about the impending holiday.  It's not because I didn't want to, or because I didn't care, or because I didn't have the necessary items at hand.  No, it's just that I didn't have time.  So I didn't send any Christmas cards, and I still haven't sent any gifts.  I do have some gifts to send, some of which I have made, and which were thus late being completed because, yes....I didn't have time to get them done on schedule.  And suddenly it's here, and I just don't know where the time goes, and I end up feeling bad and grumpy about it, which does not assist in the holiday spirit.

I always make these grand plans to decorate the house properly and get all my cards done and get all my gifts sent well before the "deadline" and you know, it just doesn't happen.  Maybe, just maybe, it will happen the Christmas after next, when I will finally have my fourth degree completed, have the bar exam written and hopefully passed, have the barns and pastures set up the way I want them, have a more organized office, a more efficient feeding and watering schedule, and more TIME!  (and if anybody ever suggests my going back to school again, I shall promptly flatten them.)

So, apologies to everybody for not fulfilling my holiday obligations. 

I did somehow find time for some pictures, so here's the latest on the critters...

Pennyroyal, the Jacob ewe lamb, loves her new shelter. does Miss Marshmallow.

Cindey Lou has made friends with a frizzle grey rooster - they always hang around together now.  It surprised me that he would choose such a tiny companion, but maybe he doesn't feel threatened that way.  Anyway, I am happy to see him out and about each day with his buddy.

Slim the brown leghorn hen prefers to stay inside the barn, but she is also doing very well.

And finally, the goats have all grown in their furry winter coats and are looking very fluffy right now.  Opal is particularly good at posing for the camera and showing off her goatie style. 


Lola Nova said...

Oh dear Claire, I don't have half as much on my plate as you but, still keep saying, "maybe next year..."
I have yet to ever get the card thing done. I made fewer gifts than I intended but, tried to buy handmade almost exclusively this year. The tree is up and looks lovely. As for the rest of the house - it's a constant battle just to not get buried by laundry let alone decorate.
I have decided to try to let it all just roll this year, to enjoy what has been done and not stress over what has not been done. Of course I don't have a farm to water, feed, muck out or care for.

Speaking of...our chickens are happy as can be. Only one is laying but, we are still getting plenty of eggs for our little family. They have been such a treat.

Well, I'm just rambling on now. I love all your fuzzy furry photos. Opal is quite the glamour girl!

Have a joyful, peaceful, silly, comforting, gleeful, cozy and all around lovely holiday season my dear friend!

Lola Nova said...

I forgot to mention, I love your new background, so pretty :)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

have you ever told us what your other three degrees are in? are your parents coming to Iowa for the holidays? I've never been to your ETSY store so I'll go check it out. Merry Christmas anyway :-)

Claire said...

Thank you Lola Nova! I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. I always think you are so busy and plus you have a daughter, which makes you even busier! Glad to hear your chickens are well. Mine are not laying at all right now - too cold and not enough daylight. :-(

Claire said...

Joanna...they are in (1) English, (2) Environmental Biology, and (3) Plant Molecular Biology & Genetics. It's been said that I always like to have a challenge. Maybe that's what is still happening. My parents don't like to travel at Christmas time. They will come later in the year when they can help out with farm projects and we can have fun day trips and such, which isn't as much fun in winter. Thanks for visiting my Etsy store. I hope to add more things really soon!

Jenny Holden said...

Oh dear, I know the feeling. I must learn to say "no" and not take on so much... and so should you by the sounds of things. Love the little winter furred goat :o)

Gail said...

You can do it!

My mother-in-law asked me one time why I had not finished a latch hook. I said between working sixty hours a week, taking college classes and corespondence courses, working on an afghan, cooking, cleaning and helping two children with homework, I just haven't got around to it.

She said oh, I didn't know you did all that!

I did it and so can you and you will be so proud of it.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hello Dear Claire! I will come visit and bring all my friends to help you! Wouldn't that be fun? We could clean your house for you (at least we could lick the dishes and eat your house plants). My lady says you are to be very proud of all that you do! Goat kisses from Isobelle!

taylorgirl6 said...

Christmas isn't always about being prepared. Sit still, listen to the fire crackling, watch the last few birds pick the berries from the bushes in the hedgerow, and smell the cake rising in the oven. Merry Christmas.

Flartus said...

Now, don't go beating yourself up about what you haven't done, for crying out loud! Holidays are supposed to be a fun break from the routine. I keep asking myself how we (women) have managed to turn them all into a series of obligations. *sigh*

I am jealous of Pennyroyal's beautiful warm coat. Makes me want to be a sheep for a couple of months.

Hope you have a merry, somewhat relaxing Christmas!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! My goats aren't sporting such luxurious thick fur coats yet. I think you must be colder than we are and your goats are just prettier than mine! lol!

Love the buddies Cindey Lou and the frizzle. Too precious!

Hang in there and be kind to yourself this winter. Just do what you can and no more. I don't do even have as much as you, but even so, I kept this holiday very simple. I didn't Christmas cards this or last year and no gifts either.
While I do enjoy hearing from friends and family, it just seems that cards are so full of everything perfect and how everyone's kids are doing amazing things and noone has anything terrible happening in their lives.
That's just not reality and it rather bugs me, so I'm not participating in that tradition anymore. Call me a scrooge, oh well. I can live with that just fine. lol!

I wish you could come visit here and just me pamper you a bit with some goodies and letting you put your feet up to relax. You deserve some me-time, my friend.

That is my wish for you.


Tai said...

These may be some of the most beautiful goats I have ever seen. They're runway-ready! I am currently goat-less but crave goats.