Thursday, February 18, 2010

Barn Building and other general news

I'm behind on blogging I'm afraid.  It's been really busy around here and, remarkably, I've been watching a little TV.  I don't normally watch television at all, but I confess that I do enjoy a bit of Olympic action!  I generally prefer the winter Olympics to the summer, because I find the sporting events rather more exciting in winter.  I'm not very interested in team sports, but I enjoy individual sports, like the speed skating, the figure skating, the luge and bobsled, the snowboarding, the biathlon....well, pretty much all of it except hockey.  With the Olympics being in Canada, my homeland, this year, it's particularly exciting for me.  So, here I am with a blog post of the latest bits of news from here...

1.  Barn Building
I hired a local building contractor to put up the barn that I had purchased from Craig's List.  I was getting frustrated waiting for it to be constructed and so I decided to just bite the proverbial bullet and get it built.  I'm pleased that I did so, because it's going up with some speed now, and despite the dreadful mess that this has made of the yard, I think it was worth it.  Here it was this morning:

And here it was this afternoon:  (the other end is partly finished but you can't see it in this picture).

You can see the posts around the sides where the overhang will be installed later.  There is a lean-to that goes on one end also.  Once the barn is finished on the outside, Kelly is going to build some stalls inside.  I'm really hoping that is done in time for April lambs.  The siding is muddy but that will soon wash off.  The condition of the ground around it is...well...dreadful.  It's all muddy and churned up.  Ugh.  It'll take a while to recover.  Better now than in summer I suppose.

2.  Speaking of lambs...
...Leslie the blue-faced Leicester was due on Tuesday, but she's holding out on me.  Sheep due dates are a little bit approximate, but Leslie's udder is definitely ready for lambs, so hopefully she'll give birth soon.  Stormy the baby llama is doing very well.  He had a minor eye infection that is cleared up now.  He's started eating hay now and it's exciting to see him growing.  Soon he'll go outside but for now he's still in the barn with Dolly, his mom.

3.  Hatching time!
I have 11 new little fluffers that hatched over the past 2 days.  They are offspring of a rooster that is half Salmon Faverolle and half Ameraucana, and the hens are buff orpingtons, cinnamon queens and gold laced wyandottes.  They should grow up into interesting birds!

I think that's about all for now.  I'll be posting as soon as there are lambs to share! 


Anonymous said...

The chicks are so cute! How exciting to see progress on your barn. I hate doing it, but sometimes it is just easier to pay someone to get a project done.

I can't wait to see your BFL lambs ;) We are just about done - 23 lambs in the last 4 days!!!

Holly said...

I'm guessing that you have springtime a bit earlier than we do. It is to be in the single digits at night this weekend brr... I won't even begin to hatch chicks until the end of April. So your pictures are making me ache for the sound of their cute little voices peeping away.

polly's path said...

OK, I want some of these chicks. Or at least-do you have a good source for mail-order chicks?

Can't wait for the baby lamb pics.

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

well now, you know i'm a sucker for baby chicks! those little ones are ADORABLE!!!