Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can we have a Goat Olympics too?


Oh!  Was that too loud?  I just wanted to make sure I had everybody's attention.  I am Opal, and I'm a Nigerian Dwarf goat and I was elected to be spokesgoat for us.  We goats here on Whispering Acres have heard, from our lady, that there was a goat Olympics going on at "The Maaaaa of Pricilla".  On the whole, we goats think this is an excellent idea for us to showcase our skills and athleticism, but on the other hand, we felt that the field was a bit narrow, seeing as it was all goats from just one farm.  We think that in order for it to be a proper Olympics, there need to be multiple farms competing.  I mean, it has to be fair, right?  Anyway, here is another picture of me, your spokesgoat and commentator for the events.  My lady says I am very pretty so she said I could have an extra photo.

We don't have any dirt eating goats like they did at Pricilla's blog, in part because our ground is completely and entirely covered with snow.  Some goats eat snow too.  You should go and see Isobelle giving snow kisses on her blog.  That should be a gold medal performance!  Nonetheless, we have an entry for the sun basking competition that we do believe is medal worthy.  This is Coffee the mini-Nubian.  She is pregnant, but not due until April.  Still, she needs her sun time because it's tiring being pregnant.  You can see how the sun glints on her fur and makes her look so pretty.  Kind of coffee coloured too!   Well done Coffee!!  (insert cheering goats here in background).  We think this merits the silver at least.

Moving to the wide earspan competition, Coffee is certainly the gold medal winner.  I also entered and I got a silver, which is lovely because I like pretty things, and I don't mind coming in second place.  Here is Coffee with her winning stance.  Tremendous stretch and span on those ears.  What a stellar performance.

Here I am doing my earspan, and I know it's not as wide as Coffee's, but I am a smaller goat and so I have smaller ears.  I did it in front of the bucket so you could see that my earspan is as wide as the bucket.  That is pretty impressive really.  There were no earspan contestants at Pricilla's blog, so we awarded ourselves gold and silver.

Now, for the true Winter Goat Olympics feeling, we have the Synchronized Standing in a Snowstorm competition.  Here are Coffee and Puffin doing their part on this wild winter event, showing the true stamina and endurance of goat athletes.  That's Val behind them - he is an angora and couldn't care less about snow, so he is their coach, cheering them on.  Well done ladies!  Gold medals to both of you!!

Moving along, we come to the final and most exciting event.  Our lady and our man brought us some corn stems and leaves for bedding material.  They thought we would like to sleep on it.  Not to be mean to them, but what were they thinking?  We don't want to sleep on it!  We want to EAT it!  So today, we have the Team Corn Stalk competition as our final event.  This is a picture of me practicing.

Here's Puffin doing her practice run.  She's very enthusiastic.

And they're off!  Oh look at this action shot, such a dedicated team!  That's Puffin on the far left, Lotus in the middle, and me on the right.  Heads down, dig into the corn stalks, FOCUS!!

Lotus and Puffin are so good at sticking their whole heads in there, and they didn't leave much room, so I was kind of off to the side, but I was eating too.  So anyway, we think this is a gold medal performance of course, but we think we can also improve for next year.

I hope you enjoyed the Whispering Acres Goat Olympics.  We sure did!  We needed something to take the attention off those lambs who are being so ridiculously slow to put in their appearance.  How rude.  We are much more entertaining.  Congratulations to all our winners.


Christy said...

Nice performances. I may have to talk to my goats about participating.

Tatteranne said...

Opal should receive the outstanding sportgoatship award for being so kind when she was nudged out by her peers.

I can't wait to see what events will be held for the summer Olympics!!!!!

Summer, summer are you there....

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

My goats want in Olympics:
high jumping
mountain climbing
kickin' chicken
guinea golf
egg bowling
fencing (busting through)
head buttin'
bullseye pee (for bucks only)
clearing a field
hay munch-a-bunch
baa yodling
balance beam
running from the predator

CottonLady said...

LOVE the olympics! What fun you must have had. Tho I really think all of you should have gotten gold!
I see Iowa still has plenty of snow. I grew up in and still have family in Iowa. Hilly country like is in your photos-close to the Amana Colonies. The photos are great!


Guzzisue said...

gold medals all round !

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Opal is so pretty!!!! I'd join in the Olympics! I don't think any of us here could beat the EarSpan Winner there! WOW! I think those should make really good flappers when running!!! Gimli thinks that RodeoGoat should be a competition. He can run, spin and leap all at the same time! I like Joanna's idea of Guinea Bowl. I'll like to see that so I can practice when ours grow up!

Melodie said...

Oh ,I just love goatie Olympics!I wish I could have been in the stands to cheer you on! Congratulations to all the winners!

Louise said...

Weeeeee! Congratulations on a successful Goat Olympic competition! You are all super at your chosen competitions, and are very deserving of your gold and silver medals!

polly's path said...

Is there a medal for lazying around? Or best perching job on top of the dog house?
If so, we are in.

polly's path said...

Is there a medal for lazying around? Or best perching job on top of the dog house?
If so, we are in.

And how funny-my goats would kill for some Iowa corn bedding(they adore corn anything). Unfortunately they are stuck in peanut-capital-of the-world GA...oh well. It's peanut hay for them!!!

Lola Nova said...

See now, how am I to resist this frolicking fun? Oh, I know...the goat Olympics are serious business but, what a good looking group of cuties. I want one, I really do.