Saturday, August 21, 2010

A fair evening!

I went to the Iowa State Fair on Wednesday evening with a friend of mine whose husband is allergic to animals.  She doesn't get to see the animal exhibits usually, so we went to check them out, and of course, they're my favourite part of the fair!  All in all, it was a great evening, even though there were not as many sheep as I would have liked to see, and it was very hot and muggy, which was a bit uncomfortable.  I also didn't take my camera, but I did take my brand, spanking new Blackberry!  It has a camera that did a reasonably good job, so I shall share the few photo memories of the fair for 2010 right here!

Of course, I had to visit with the biggest ram of the show.  He was huge, tired, and very friendly.  Mostly he just lay down, although he did get up for a while to have a bit of a fuss before I left.  I gave him chest scrubbies and said nice things about him and he didn't so much as snort in my direction.  I think he was too hot.
The baby piglets were very cute, and very small, and also very tired.  Did I mention that it was really hot at the fair?  I was kind of disturbed, as I usually am, by the farrowing pen set up.  It really bothers me that sows are only able to stand up and lay down.  They can't even turn around in gestation crates.  The traditional excuse is that they will lay down on their piglets otherwise, but studies have shown that given ample space, that does not typically happen.  So why not just give them proper space, instead of forcing them to lay down or stand up in the same space for months on end.  I'm an unapologetic critic of confining pigs.
This year's baby ostrich were much bigger than last year's "fluffy bowling ball on legs" ostrich babies.  Still, they are really cute.
It is illegal in Iowa (well, almost illegal) to go to the State Fair and not go to see the butter cow.  The cow is sculpted entirely out of butter and is a marvel of art and physics.  Sorry for the glare in the photo but it's hard to avoid.  I love her tail!  In case you can't tell, she's definitely life sized.  Amazingly, the butter cow did not appear to be too hot.
I had never previously noticed that when pigs lay down, their legs don't stay touching the ground.  If I saw a sheep in my pasture in this pose, I would be very, very worried.  Most animals keep at least a portion of all their legs on the ground.  Not so with the pigs.  I think they were rather overheated though....
My friend Jordan and I were amazed at the size of some of the horses - especially the Percherons.  Here's Jordan standing next to a very, very large horse.  Their feet are absolutely enormous.  I wonder if I could get one to help me with plowing here on the farm?!
Moving on from the livestock, we come to things for the stock pot!  Yum!  Look at this size of this wonderful squash!  It was huge, and had the delighful variety name of "Red Warty Thing."  I would like to try growing this one next year!
Also, there were some very large cabbages to be seen.
But as I've said, it was really hot, so Jordan and I had to find something nice and cooling to do.  That's where the amazing Bauder's Pharmacy Peppermint Ice Cream Bar comes into its prime.  This thing is a true work of art.  A beautiful thing to behold on a hot day.  Peppermint ice cream, fudge sauce, and crushed Oreos.  Yes, bliss on a spoon.
And then, not to be gluttonous, but a wine-a-rita was the perfect way to top it off.  Wine with crushed ice and berry mix all made into a sort of slushy thing.  Yum.

Hey...Lucky Nickel...where did you come from?  What are you doing in the house??  What are....  ACK!  Mmmff..mfff...fmmmm..

There.  I tied her up with baling twine.  I know how to use my hooves.  I am Ninja Goat!!  Can you believe all this blathering on about the fair....and the very obvious lack of discussion of GOATS?!  Yeah, well check out the evidence I found on her precious Blackberry....

She's having friendly relations with OTHER GOATS!!!  Entire pens full of them!  Look at this!  Despicable.  Oh, and I heard her saying how cute they all were, and friendly too, and I could SMELL GOAT on her hands!  Yes I could!!  

Even with those stupid earless La Mancha goats!  Look at this picture.  It's clear she is madly in love with this goat.  Where is the justice, I ask you?
And then.  THEN!  Most shocking of ALL!  
I am telling you right now, that I am NEVER having my udder shaved.  If I ever have an udder.  This is just plain indecency.  I demand a retraction from the Editor.
Oh wait.  I am the Editor.  Claire thinks she is the Editor but she is wrong.  Well, as Editor, I hereby forbid this sort of behaviour on Whispering Acres Farm.  I'm leaving Claire tied up for a while, until she knows I'm serious.  I am the Spokesgoat and the Ultimate Goat and the Divine Goat and the only goat that is really needed here.  I tolerate the other goats here, but this....this....flagrant fawning over other people's goats must stop.  And any ideas about udder shaving are just a non starter.  

Next year maybe I'll enter Claire in the State Fair and see what she thinks of it then.  Hmpf.  Now...where did I put my bag of peanuts?


Chai Chai said...

Great post. We just went to the local County Fair, but I am sure it is nothing like the Iowa or Minnesota State Fairs. Love the pictures.

The draft horses are totally amazing.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Gee Lucky Nickel! I think entering Claire in the fair next year is a good you going to put her head in one of those clampy things and shave her udder? tee hee hee hee Naughty goat!

Flartus said...

Hooray for State Fair pics! I've only recently come to realize that most people don't consider the animals and food the focus of the state fair. (I thought Midway was the site of a WWII battle?)

Lucky Nickel is well on her way to stardom, I think. Perhaps literary stardom. Yes, perhaps in a year or two, an autobiography is in order. "Behind the Barn: The True Story of One Goat's Struggle to Succeed."

edenhills said...

I must be the only human in the state that isn't going to the fair. How bad am I?


KathyB. said...

The fairs are the best way of all to see what America is like, especially rural America! I love the fair, I love exhibiting my sheep at the fair too.

The Chicken Keepers said...

We love fairs. They are the best... all the food, animals, exhibits, and rides. So much fun and many memories.

Nancy K. said...

OMG! I NEED one of those peppermint ice cream bars! And a wine-a-rita!

Once again, I didn't get to my local fair. I'm telling myself that I saved a lot of money by not going and buying more chickens!

Mom L said...

Teresa, you're not bad - I didn't make it, either. Just too dang hot! Why don't they have these in the Fall? Thankfully Claire took photos for us....

Claire, you'd better watch out - I think LN is taking over for you. Be especially careful in the days before the next Fair...!

Nancy in Iowa

polly's path said...

A devious little goat you are, Lucky Nickel.
And what a great although hot-trip to the fair...our state fair is not until the middle of October...and 2 hours away from us...

Marnax said...

LaManchas are NOT stupid.
Tinkerbell is a LaMancha buck, and he is sweet and loveable.