Sunday, August 22, 2010

What do you mean by "too many shoes?"

Yesterday, and today, it was just too hot to be outside.  I couldn't do anything out with the animals, except take a few treats to her highness, Lucky Nickel.  Instead, I had to do indoor things.  Like shoe tidying.  OK, I admit it.  I have a few pairs of shoes.  Maybe quite a few.  But really, one cannot say that there can ever be "too many shoes" in a girl's closet, can one?

After all, there are many seasons, many colours, many styles, many reasons to have lots of choice when it comes to footwear.  As I was tidying my shoe racks today, and I thought I would take some shoe pictures, of a small selection of my...well...collection.  Right now, it's summer, so here are a few summer shoes in a flower pattern, to celebrate the season.  My favourites are probably the turquoise ones at 1 o'clock.  They are so comfy, and such a great colour.
I do have a tendency to go for the green.  It is my favourite colour, after all, and my shoe collection probably shows that tendency.  I seem to gravitate to all different shades of green - teal, olive, celery, name it, I've probably got it.  Here, a few shoes in various shades of green.  The one second from the right is one of my pair of my pool shoes that I use for when I visit the swimming pool.
Even though it may not seem like it today, fall is on the way.  I don't seem to go for the green quite so much in my fall shoes.  I do like a nice pair of pumps though, and here's a little group of my fall shoes just waiting to be worn again.  Hang in there my little friends...the cooler weather is promising to come soon.
Soon enough, oh happy will be boot weather!!  I love love love boots.  I think I might actually have more boots than shoes.  Is that weird?  Please tell me some of you also fall into the boot boat!  Here's a group of my fall season brown boots.  Because one can't possibly stop at a single pair of brown boots.  That would never, never do.  What about the one on the far left?  Oh....I'll get to that in a minute....
I also tend to go for fall shoes with slight boot-like characteristics.  I absolutely adore those red ones on the far left.  They are quite possibly my favourite fall pair.  That cooler weather can't come soon enough!
Not to be missed are the short height boots, which are definitely also favourites of mine.  I just can't quite get enough of them.  All summer long, I look at them longingly in their storage tubs in the basement, just waiting for the big closet rotation, when I can put away all the summer stuff and get out the fall wardrobe.  I just bought the ones with the little buttons last week - my new indulgence for the coming fall.  Very Victorian, I think.
Overall though, I do have an absolute favourite pair, and in my opinion, they are quite unusual.  These boots were purchased in about 1990, if I recall correctly.  They're entirely tapestry fabric, except for the sole of course.  They go right up to my knee, and have an optional fold-down flap at the top.  Incredibly comfortable, and fabulously expressive.  I'm so very glad I didn't resist them at the time.
Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a shoe catalogue that came in the mail today, and I really must go take a look....because I don't think I have any green boots.


Texan said...

WOW is the first word that comes to mind! WOW is also the second word that comes to mind...

I do love boots as well. One pair of cowgirl boots, one pair of high heeled black ones and one pair of tall chunky heeled black ones. I have one pair of high heeled dressy shoes, black. One pair of dressy open type summery heels also black. and there you have the sum total of my shoe closet. Well except for my muck boots ...

OH mmmm, wellllll I do have um severalllll pairs of running shoes. There is my weakness I guess yep running shoes :O). Well as you say now can a runner have to many pairs of running shoes... well certainly not! :O)

Fun post!

Louise said...

My goodness! I am impressed! Let's see, I have a pair of Bean waterproof shoes, a pair of tied black shoes, a pair of black Mary Jane flats for good, a pair of walking sneakers, a pair of hiking boots, a pair of sandals and a couple of pairs of slippers. I need a new pair of winter boots, and a pair of around the house clogs, and I'll be all set.

But, ohhhh, you should see my sock drawer. Now, there's my weakness. You can never have too many socks.

polly's path said...

boots are my weakness, but I only own one pair at a time, usually. I am not a big shoe person, although when i do buy, I only buy cute shoes. If I buy it, it has to be really unique and eye-catching.

Kent Island Red said...

Holy Moly! and I thought I was bad - you put me to shame in a big way!! Anyway, stumbled upon your blog and just adored it! Please check out mine when you get the chance. (oh, and can I tell you how BADLY I want a couple of the boots shown in your picture? Boots are definitely my weakness.) I look forward to following your life and adventures.

edenhills said...

Claire-I have an award for you, The Butterfly Award, at my blog. I guess it's also from Millie. Please stop by to pick it up.

Teresa (Millie's human)