Saturday, November 20, 2010

I did a quiz too! (and bye bye to llamas)

My lady is very sad today because she had to say goodbye to all her remaining five llamas.  They have gone to live at Hedgeapple Farm, with a lovely family who have lots of sheep and lots of children, so they will enjoy the llamas very much.  My lady was very brave and did not cry until the llamas drove away (oh, the llamas were not driving, the people were driving and the llamas were in the trailer).  Then she had some moments with some tissues and got a splotchy face and looked quite unsettled.  So I said to her that we should do the quiz that Isobelle Golightly did, because maybe it would make her laugh.

Isobelle had wondered what result Val would get, because she is besotted with Valentino, our buck.  However, the quiz seems to be directed only to females, so I had to do it for myself.  My lady read me the questions and I was able to answer all the quiz questions without difficulty, because I am a clever goat.

So, without further ado, I shall let you know that I am indeed....Emma Woodhouse!

Oh yes, and the description to go along with the result was perfectly suited you know.  It said this:

  • You like being the queen of your social circle (small and provincial as it may be), and feel it's your duty to help those less influential than you. 
  • You often meddle in the affairs of others, though you do it with a pure heart. 
  • You are often deluded in your flights of fancy, but your good intentions and creative spirit make you someone anyone could like.

Now really, isn't that just perfectly right?!  I AM the queen of my social circle, which may be a small barnyard circle, but none the less it is mine, and it is always my duty to bring you the news.  I only meddle when it is called for, and while some might think my flights of fancy to be delusional....well....I beg to differ.  And I do have a very creative spirit.  All this led me to think that I really should be named Emma instead of Lucky Nickel.
Oh, did you notice how lovely my fybur looks these days?  Yes, it is getting longer and curlier.  My lady is very excited about it and says I will make great socks one day.  I think she is having flights of fancy but since she is sad, I didn't give her a butt in the leg to make her stop saying such silly things.
I do like to accent my curls with a little hay and weed seeds.  It just adds such a lovely touch, don't you think?

As I told you, my lady is sad to have to say goodbye to her llamas.  She was especially sad about saying goodbye to Stormy and Merlin.  She said I should show you these pictures of them from last week when they were being given their evening snacks.  She says that Merlin had just reached the stage where he liked having neck rubs.  Oh dear, now she's going to cry again.  Well, just enjoy the pictures.

Merlin in the Sunset
 Stormy has a lovely fleece now.
Stormy with his Dad Kahlua in the background.
Merlin gets ready for a nibble of grain!
Oh Merlin, you're so adorable!
 Goodbye little man.  Be a good boy at your new home!


Mom L said...

Lucky Nickel, it sounds as though you're going to miss your llama friends as much as your lady will! And, yes, your fybur looks beautiful, even with your decorations. My Emma and I would let you snuggle with us this winter!!!

Nancy (goatless in Iowa)

Flartus said...

Nickel, what a darling you are for taking such good care of your Lady by cheering her up with that quiz. Perhaps, like royalty, you can take many names...Lady Emma, the Lucky Nickel of Whispering Acres, Dame of Hay Mountain, etc.

Will you tell your Lady how very sad I am for her to have to say goodbye to her crias? I well remember reading about Stormy's birth day and what an adventure it was. You should let her get as blotchy-faced as she wants. But maybe if you keep growing such lovely fybur it will help her feel better.

Pricilla said...

Lucky Nickel I know your mommy is especially glad to have you now. It is hard to say goodbye to animal friends but it sounds like the llamas have a very good home.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Oh dear. My lady is very sad for your lady! Such beautiful llama children! I hope they will be cherished in their new home. I hope that you give your lady lots and lots of kisses, Lucky Nickel! I was going to say how much I admired all of the lovely bits of decoration in your gorgeous fybur! Thank you for taking that quiz! Isn't it exactly right? Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, from Isobelle.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Lucky Nickel, aka Emma, your fybur is gorgeous!!! I can see why your lady was going on about it becoming socks one day. Just sayin'... I would cry, too, if I had to say goodbye to all my llamas, especially the babies. Stormy looks SO different from the very first photos I saw of him! He has grown up to be a gorgeous young boy.

Marnax said...

Merlin is so cute! It is very sad he is going.

Millie said...

You almost have me crying for you, and I'm the sensible Jane Austin character. So sorry you've had to say good bye to so many. Blessings.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh I'm so sorry you've had to say goodbye to your beautiful llamas. Merlin and Stormy especially. Such gorgeous and adorable boys.


Nancy K. said...

Oh, beautiful Lady Emma ~ be sure to snuggle up close and give your lady lots of extra kisses. Perhaps she'll even need to cry into your lovely fybur for a bit. I'm sure it will make her feel better. My Dreamer always comes to me when I need to cry and lets me wrap my arms around her neck and cry into her soft, soft wool. It really does help. Your lady is lucky to have such a wonderful goat as you!

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry your lady had to say goodbye to her llamas. I am sure that was very difficult but it sounds like they went to a very nice new home.

Texan said...

I am very glad you are finding good homes for your animal friends, but I know it has to be so very hard...

Lucky I think you are right, you are Emma .. it fit you perfectly!

Tiggeriffic said...

Lucky Nickel is so cute. It would be so sad to have to find new homes for your animals. Sounds like the llama's are going to a good home and well be taken good care of by children...
Hugs to you ~! and lots of prayers....
ta ta for now from Iowa