Friday, January 28, 2011

The Big News, Part I: In the Form of a Discussion With a Goat

Lucky Nickel, today we need to talk to the people who read the blog.
     We do?  I like talking to the blog people.  Sometimes they talk back to me.  What are we going to talk about?
Today, we are going to talk about the very BIG exciting news. 
     What?  I thought we weren't allowed to talk about that until February 18th!  You said...!
I know, I know I said.  But, something happened, and I had to talk about it sooner than I expected to.  I had to tell all the people at my work, and that was why we couldn't talk about it before.  It was a BIG secret.  Now, the people at my work know about it, so we can talk about it.  Isn't that exciting?
     Well, maybe.  Sort of.  I think it's a bit scary.  I don't think I want to talk about it.  Maybe if we don't talk about it, then it won't happen, and everything will just stay the same.
No, that's not going to happen.  If you don't want to talk about it, then I will just tell the blog people about it by myself.  Is that what you want me to do?  
     No.  But...Maaa-aaaaa---aaaa----aaaaaaaaa!!!
Do you want to tell them, Lucky Nickel?  
     Sigh.  OK.  I just...I think I need to practice.  Wait....wait....why aren't you taking any pictures?  
Well, because today the news is more important than the pictures.  We don't want to distract the blog people with pretty pictures, because we want them to pay attention to the news, and if you don't tell them in the next few seconds, I shall have to do it myself!!
    Maaaa!  Maa--aaa---aa!  (deep goat breath)  OK.  Here is the news everybody.  We are....we...(more deep goat breaths)....OK.....let me start over.  Soon, we are...that is my lady and I, are....well, actually, it's more than that, because it's my lady and I, and the 2 fluffy frogs, and....
Wait...what?  Frogs?  What are you talking about?
     Those two brown fluffy ribbet things, they're frogs.  
Oh!  No, no, no....Lucky Nickel, those are RABBITS!  Not frogs!    
     Well, Coffee told me...
Don't listen to Coffee, she's half Nubian.  And we all know what they say about Nubian goats.  Could you please continue properly with the announcement now?
     OK.  Maaa.  Maa-aa---aaaa.  I'm just clearing my throat.  Maaaa-aaa-aaaa.  Right.  Well, so my lady, and I, and the two fluffy rabbits, and the barn cat (Esmeralda) and Kenzie the that everybody...?
Yes, that's everybody, keep going....
     So everybody I just said...we! 
I'm not sure that they heard you, Lucky Nickel.  You said that very softly.
     WE ARE MOVING!  Maaa-aaa-aaaaaaaaa!
Are you going to tell them where we are moving to?
     Um....oh dear....I've forgotten...wait...wait...let me think.....maple.  No....not maple, something like that...ummm...OH!  We are moving to Can of Duck!  
Can of duck?
     Yes!  Right?  Why are you looking at me like that?
Lucky Nickel, it is not Can of duck.  It's Canada.
     Well, that's what I said.  Kind of.  I was close.  They knew what I meant!
OK, so that is the big news.  We are moving home to Canada.  Well, it's my home.  You were not born there so it's not your home, yet, but it will be soon.  I have been here in Iowa for nearly 9 years now!  That is a long time, isn't it!  
     Yes, it do we have to go anywhere else?
Well, are you going to tell them why we are moving there, and what we are going to do?
     I....well....I think I'm tired now.  This is a bit stressful for me.  I think I need a rest.  Can we tell them more in the next blog post?
Well, alright then.  I guess we can do that.  But we can't make them wait too long.  
     No, we'll do it on the weekend.  I just, well, it makes me nervous, maaaa!
It's going to be fine, Lucky Nickel, it's going to be simply wonderful.  You'll see!


marisa said...

Lucky Nickel! You're holding out on us!!!!!

Millie said...

Such wonderful news! I can hardly wait to hear the second half.

Chai Chai said...

I am happy this is GOOD news!

fullfreezer said...

Oh, Lucky Nickel, how exciting! You are going to love Canada. It is very beautiful there and I'm sure you and your lady and the fluffy frogs will be quite happy there.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh, Lucky Nickle! That is the most a INCREDIBLE news ever! A new goatie adventure!

But you MUST tell us the rest!
And WHERE in Can of Duck?
I'm in New York.....and we have Can of Duck borders, sooooo.........

Hurry, hurry with more news!!!!!!!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

I knew that!

Tee hee hee hee. Lucky Nickel, your lady might have mentioned something of this when she was here and I overheard! I didn't tell ANYONE. xxxx ooooo

Spinners End said...

OOOH!! I live in Michigan and we have LOTS of Can of Duck borders too! Lucky, Lucky Nickel. I'm glad the bunnies get to go too.

Don't keep us waiting too long on the rest of the story!

Louise said...

Wonderful news! Lucky Nickel you are going to be very happy there. You'll have your Ma with you, and the fluffy frogs, and that's all you will need to feel right at home.

Mom L said...

I suspected as much, Lucky Nickel, but couldn't be sure until you so breathlessly told us! I've been in Can of Duck only once, when I was a little girl, but I've seen beautiful pictures of it! Can't wait for the rest of the news.

Nancy in Iowa

Gail V said...

Good for you, Claire! You sound great. I'm sure figuring it all out has been very hard work.

Flartus said...

Oh, poor Iowa! But Lucky Nickel, I think your Mama will be very happy in Canaduck, so you will be too. And of course the fluffy frogs, they won't care, as long as they have lots of frog pellets.

Ok, but now you have to keep your promise and don't make us wait too long for the details!!

Pricilla said...

Will you now end all of your maaaas with eh?

Mare said...

WOW! BIG news! And i am excited for you! Please tell us more!

Paige Madison said...

Ok, Lucky Nickel, you just need to tell everybody. Building suspense is good, if you want to direct goat movies, but your lady's news is very important and people need to know. She has given me a few hints and I can't wait to find out the whole thing. I hope you do like it there in Can of Duck. It's supposed to be a nice place. It can't be too bad if Claire came from there.

Nancy K. said...

Oh, Lucky Nickle! As long as you have your lady and the two fluffy frogs and Esmeralda and Kenzie and you still chat with US all the time, it will just be another grand adventure! The things that are really important will remain the same...