Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My lady went to see Isobelle! WITHOUT ME!!!

Well, she finally showed up!  I was beginning to wonder.  On December 17, my lady said she was going on a holiday to see her family and celebrate Yule and such.  I did question her sanity at the time.  I mean, how would she manage, by herself, goatless, for any length of time?  Still, she made up her mind, and once my lady makes up her mind...well...there's not much that can be done to change it!

So over the past couple of weeks, I've begun to worry quite a bit.  She'd never been away for that long before.  Where was she?  Did she get caught in a stampede of angry water buffalo?  Did she get abducted by aliens?  Doesn't she love me any more?!?!  To be honest, despite the farm helper, it was pretty boring around here, and I was beginning to get quite desperate.

Fortunately, she came home today.  What a tremendous relief!
I was so happy that I jumped all over her and waggled my tail a lot and bounced up and down the way I did when I was a little goat kid.  She laughed and hugged me and laughed some more, and her eyes got a bit twinkly and wet and I thought she might cry but she maintained her composure.  So I snuggled down for a good cud chewing on her lap, and then I smelled it....GOAT!  I looked up at her...she knew that I knew....
Are you ready for this?  My lady....she had the AUDACITY to go and visit MY friend Isobelle Golightly, the beautiful goat.  And she went WITHOUT ME!!!  Yes, dear readers, she broke the cardinal rule of goat ownership:  Thou shalt not visit other goat farms without thine own special goat.  She tried to insist that it was a matter of being "on the way home" from visiting her family, and that she would have taken me if she could.  I have my doubts.  I think she went there so that she would get all the attention for herself, because she knew that if I went with her, naturally I would (exclusively) command the attention of the other goats.

Well, you can go and see the pictures of her for yourself, at Isobelle's blog!  Just look at her, gallivanting about with other goats, and those other things...umm...sort of like donkeys....but not quite.  I think she said they are called Eeek-wines.  Now, I can see why they would be Eeek-wines, because one of them is quite large, and would surely make me say "Eeek!" if he came up to me.  Here you can see the large Eeek-wine chewing on my lady's mitten!  I think he was trying to eat her!
She said that there were also miniature Eeek-wines too.  They are a better size, I think.  See, here they are with a picnic table.  They are not as scary as the big Eeek-wine.
In fact, my lady had a bit of a googly look in her eyes when she talked about Sarah, one of the mini Eeek-wines, and said that she was quite tempted to put her in the back of her car and bring her home!  Can you imagine?!  What was she thinking?  This is a picture of Sarah the mini Eeek-wine.
I think my lady liked Sarah so much because Sarah made googly eyes and smiled at her by peeking around the corner in the barn.  My lady is very susceptible to googly eyes.  I can make her give me grain that way you know.
My lady also said the mini Eeek-wines are very good at giving each other back scratches.  Here are Nigel and Noel helping each other out.  I am not sure if I would like an Eeek-wine doing this to me.
Well, I can forgive my lady, because Isobelle is a very good friend and a special goat, just like me.  But most of all, I can forgive her because I am just so excited to have her back home again.  
I missed her very much and I know she missed me too.  All the others missed her too.  Here's a picture of everybody running over to see her, and you can tell they're running because Coffee's Nubian ears are in upward flap position, which only happens when she runs.
Lotus and Horton nearly came over the fence in their exuberance.
My lady loves all her goats, but I still know I'm her special goat, and that's how it's always going to be!
A big thank you to Isobelle, her lady, and all her friends for making my lady's day on her trip home - she had such a great time and would like to be snuzzled, slobbered on, and mobbed by them anytime!  It makes her feel very much at home!


Brenda said...

I'm glad your lady made it home safely. It's always fun to visit with other goats, but the very best to be home with the goats who love you! I love your long curly hair.

texwisgirl said...

My goodness! I would only hope to be greeted like that when I got home from a long trip! Loved your descriptions of the "Eeek-wines!" Glad you could forgive your lady for her visit to Isobelle. I'm sure she missed you terribly and just had to get some goat hugs on her way back to you. :)

Millie said...

I can't believe she visited Isobelle without you! Horror of horrors. Maybe she'll take you to visit some time.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

HI Lucky Nickel!!! I'm so glad your lady made it safe home! We LOVED her! She can stop by anytime! You are very a very lucky herd indeed to have a lady that loves you so much! We animals just know when someone cares, don't we? I don't know why my lady laughed so hard when you said her horse friends were "Eeek-wines"???? That's what they are???

Humans can be strange, can't they?

I really like that last portrait of you and your lady. I'm going to keep it! xxxx oooo

Feral Female said...

Well at least she came home to you! I`m sure she missed you as much as you missed her.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

My Yellow Dog says the same think when I come home from goat borrowing! :)
(but snacks usually make him forget all about it!)

Nancy K. said...

Oh, Lucky Nickle ~ I'm so glad that you and all of your friends gave your lady such a loving welcome when she came home. I bet that just made her heart sing! I have a feeling stopping to see the lovely Isobelle only made her miss you MORE!

Take good care of your Lady and watch out for mini eeek-wines!

Pricilla said...

Sometimes it is nice for the humans to go visiting. Then they give extra attention. You just have to make them feel guilty.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

So cute, although yes visiting Isobelle without you wasn't very nice...humans can be so inconsiderate sometimes ;)

Texan said...

Wow, sounds like you guys were in major withdraw for your lady. I think you know deep down she would have taken her special goat with her if she could :)...

You asked about Sterling, he is doing very well. Sterling apparently is going to be a teacup goat. I don't know what else to call him, tee hee. He has stayed VERY small! But very Adorable!!! I will post pictures of him soon. :O)

I put you in the kid coat drawing! Though you won't be able to fit in it... if you win maybe you can share it with a new kid?

Verde Farm said...

Oh how sweet. I love Isobelle and just found you all. I am glad all went well and I’m sure you will always be very special to your lady. :)
Amy at Verde Farm