Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 3.01

It's a new year, and a new season of Friday's Hunt, hosted by Eden Hills.  This week, to start off the new year, our prompts are:  Starts with A, Week's Favourite, and Beginning.

Starts with A
I went for a walk in the woods and found some of nature's artwork on display.  What does this look like to you?  Perhaps an antelope?  Or is it just abstract?  To be honest, I think it looks a bit like a unicorn, but we have a long way to go before the letter U!

Week's Favourite(s)
My rabbit, Pippin, is often a favourite photographic subject of mine.  This week, he's the star of my favourite pictures.  Sometimes he runs around the home office while I'm working and this week, he felt it was necessary to check whether we're sorting the office garbage properly, since he is a strong advocate of proper recycling practice.  He hopped into the garbage basket to do an audit (bonus for "starts with A"!), and I managed to take a few quick shots of him during the inspection.

Hmmm...what do we have here?

This is a private audit.  Move along now.  Nothing to see here!

 Very well, you have passed today's inspection.

Every skein of yarn I spin has a beginning, and an end.  I showed you, in last week's Friday's Hunt, some blue-faced Leicester that I was in the process of spinning. I finished the spinning, and the yarn is now plied and skeined.  Here you can see the yarn, on the tool called a "niddy-noddy" (my talented father made me this beautiful tool!) which helps the spinner wind the yarn from the spinning wheel bobbin into a skein.  It also helps me measure how much yardage is in the skein.   

So, is this the beginning of the skein, or the end?  

Either way, I'm at the beginning of a new year that I hope will be full of the joy of spinning!


Tom said... get an "A"+ this week!

Margaret Adamson said...

The yarn colour is AMAZING and I love the way your bunny rabbit is hiding AWAY from you, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU and I hope 2027 will be a very healthy year for you also.

Tony McGurk said...

It looks like a Unicorn to me. The Bunny Audit gave me my laugh for the day.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous skein!

Gattina said...

The good thing is with modern Art that you can see whatever you want ! Your bunny in the wastepaper basket is too cute I wished I could spin, I have a lot of cat hairs here, lol !

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Great choices!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love your Bunny! Your yarn is beautiful, love the colors! Did you spin from roving that had already been dyed or did you dye the fibre yourself?

Ralph said...

I think the abstract item looks like a silhouette of a kangaroo hopping along in the forest Happy spinning in the new year. Pippin has that slightly annoyed auditor / accountant look to him - I suppose any audit numbers must be okay as he grudgingly gives you a passing grade :)

Jim said...

Pippin is cute. Until I progressed I was figuring on him being a stuffed toy bunny. I know we will be seeing quite a bit of him doing and showing lots of interesting alphabet word activities.
Thank you for identifying and telling of the Upland Goose for me last week. I'm not a bird person but will probably make a file of those I post, at least from this S.A. visit. It was thrilling most every day for us.

pattisjarrett said...

Love the artwork you found! The horn on the front gives it away, it's a unicorn! Aw, give Pippin a snuggle for me! Bunnies are so curious, they are a joy to watch. I sure miss my lop-eared buddies. Beautiful yarn! What an interesting tool, and what a wonderful gift.

orchid Miyako said...

Hello Dearest Claire; Oh, you taught me new English (skein and niddy-noddy which is the precious one handmaded by your father)♡♡♡ I wish I had a talent for knitting p:-) I LOVE your sweet bunny♪

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

edenhills said...

The abstract art is amazing! Mother Nature is a great artist. Love the bunny. I do think it would be fun to have one, but I think my cats would consider it lunch. The yarn is beautiful! You are so talented at spinning. Of course, I know it's taken a lot of practice to get those skills. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!