Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bunday Blog Business

Hello again my friends, it is time for another edition of Bunday Business.  Today we are having a very serious business discussion.  I was on a very special course this week.  See all my important course materials?

(Well, it might sort of be that the male hoomin bean was on a course, but I have learned by osmosis, you see, so I don't even need to actually be there, because I am a very busy bun and I can't be doing everything at once. What if I wasn't at home to watch the female hoomin bean?!  Who knows what she would get up to. ) 

Today, we are discussing bunning running your own business.  This is not to be confused with bunsiness.  If something is very bunny-like, it has a high degree of bunsiness.  That is a word for another time.  Today, it's all business.

Business is about your job.  You all know that I am an expert auditor and inspector and general overseer of all the important things.  So, this week I have been taking the course to learn new things to assist me with my career.  

For example, I have been learning about being a buntrepreneur!  As you can see, I have important papers from BDC, which is the Bunnies' Development Corporation. You can see right on the front of their brochure that they are the only bank devoted exclusively to buntrepreneurs.  They are a crown corporation, so they are used to dealing with royal bunnies, such as I am.

In case you do not know, a buntrepreneur is a bunny who runs his or her own business.  Like me.

As you can see, there is much to read about buntrepreneurialism, and I am still studying the details.

For example, here are ten reasons to join the Chamber of Commerce.  I am still considering this option.  I think that the Chamber needs more bunny representatives. Reason number eight is particularly appealing to me.  Recognition.  It is important to be recognized as a buntrepreneur with skills and talents.

As you can see, the Chamber of Commerce has written me a letter outlining the bunefits of joining the Chamber.  Reap the Bunefits!  It says so right there!  

All this information requires a great deal of focus and consideration.  I know I have probably overwhelmed you with this small introduction to buntrepreneurs and bunefits. Really, I'm rather exhausted myself.  I'm just going to sit for a while and contemplate my plans to audit the world, and possibly consult with the wooden duck.

Do stop by for a chat next week, and until then, keep your ears clean!


porkpal said...

Pippin is such an inquisitive rabbit. He is very cute checking out the course material, but I think I like him best in bunny-loaf position.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love Pippin Bunny! He is a pretty cute guy, and am loving his Bunday posts!

Jessi Lashakmitis said...

Love this post!!! Pippin is such a cute and smart rabbit:) I really liked all his beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!!!