Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 3.10

Well, it certainly has been a very busy time lately, and the fact that I'm a day late on Friday's Hunt is further evidence of the craziness of my work schedule lately.  I was working until almost 9 pm last night, and by then I was just too tired to write.  So, Friday....Saturday....whichever it is, here's the hunt!

Thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for our prompts, which are:  Starts with J, Week's Favourite, and Bird/Wings.

Starts with J
J is a bit of a tricky letter.  There aren't a lot of easy topics for photography that start with the letter J.  Perhaps I should show you our cat, Mitten, who was stuck under a box that was overturned, and he sort of looked like he was in Jail!  Don't worry, he gets out quite easily.

My mother helpfully suggested jewelry, so here are a few pictures of some beaded pendants that I've made and sold.  I don't have much time for bead work these days, but I'd like to make some more of these in the future.  I really enjoy the challenge of choosing the right beads to work together into a cohesive look.  The colours make me happy!

Week's Favourite
Pippin really is a very photogenic rabbit.  With the rainbow-coloured backdrop of my sweater, I think this is a lovely picture, so it's my favourite this week.

I take a lot of bird pictures, as my regular readers will know.  I haven't taken many lately due to being busy, but also because there aren't many birds around right now.  There are the black-capped chickadees and the red-breasted nuthatches, but I don't see any others on a regular basis, except the pheasants.  I went outside to try to get a good bird picture today and it was bitterly cold.  The wind was blowing, making it even colder.  With the wind chill, it was -25 C, which is -13 F.  I was wearing my insulated coveralls, but I didn't put socks on, because I was still in my pajamas.  You can well imagine how cold my ankles became after a few minutes!  Only for you, my dear readers, only for you!

Anyway, I did manage to get a couple of bird pictures - not great ones.  I really wanted to get a wing picture, but I didn't have as much luck as I would have liked today.  I got a picture of a black-capped chickadee looking like a wee torpedo - just snapped at the moment in flight that his or her wings were folded in, rather than spread out.  It's kind of a funny shot - looks like a wingless bird!

I almost got another good shot but as you can see, the nuthatch was just leaving the frame in the lower right.

The feeder was in shadow and there was bright sun behind, making it difficult to get good pictures today. However, I did manage to get this single decent wing shot.  This is the red-breasted nuthatch again.
To make up for the lack of good wing shots, I give you this bonus shot of a ring-necked pheasant in the sun this morning.  His plumage is glorious.  You can see he's been eating a lot of the chicken feed I put out to help them stay warm on these cold winter days.  His crop is quite full!


porkpal said...

I am not usually very interested in jewelry, but I really like your creations. I hope you find time to continue making them in the future. The first nuthatch wing shot is my favorite of the bird photos - a rarely photographed moment.

Michelle said...

I don't wear jewelry, but your pendants are gorgeous! And the nuthatch leaving the frame is a great shot, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Love Mitten in kitty jail. We used to do that with Snickers under the laundry basket, and he was an expert at escaping too. The jewelry designs are gorgeous! You really are talented. I agree that Pippin is a very good model. I am so honored at the sacrifices you make for us adoring readers. The pheasant is absolutely stunning! Thanks for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful capture of the pheasant, Claire! Now that is a bird I would paint at some point:) I did not know you did jewelry - delightful!Where have you been hiding??
Also, I saw a spinning wheel in your living room!
Since I have another big canvas to fill, I probably wouldn't do it right now, but I really would like to know how you start. Where to look for a spinning wheel, and what to avoid?
Uh, my knitting stitches are not that even, that's why I block whatever it is for a week! Have a great Sunday!